ethical dilemma!


What would you do in this situation?

  1. Accept the money; u tried to decline it and client persisted. Don't ask, don't tell right?

  2. Report gift to supervisor; after all rules are rules, and it would be right thing to do.

  3. Other (please explain in your post!)

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  1. Hi,

    so i'm working with a company that facilitates services for people. At a job training seminar they briefly mentioned that we should not accept gifts from our clients, and that if it does happen that a gift is accepted we should tell our supervisor.

    SO today, i was offered $100 for good service, and i let the client know that htis is not necessary, i was just doing my job, and that it would even be against company policy to accept. He wouldn't hear any of it, and left the money in my bag and went on his way...

    I would like to know what you would do in this situation- then i'll tell u what i did, and what everyone else i know thought i should've done...
  2. I think I would tell my supervisor or the Human Resources person. This is tough! I would hate to be in your shoes.
  3. I will donate it to a charity. I have had lots of luck picking up money from public places (very busy too!) and I donated them all.
  4. I would absolutely report it and just explain exactly what happened.

    Something similar happened to me a few years ago. I was in the shipping business and dealt with inbound freight, notifying recipients their freight was in and pitching our company's services for customs clearance, delivery, etc.

    Well, I had had a one-off customer (not a repeat) with a very small shipment and he actually came into the office and paid cash for his goods and the freight costs. Very unusual. Anyway, I later recounted the cash and he had given me an extra $100. I reported it to my mgr immediately and we put it in the company party fund. I could never stomach the idea of keeping that money for myself.
  5. If they told you to tell your supervisor, I would do so. You said you didn't accept it, he put it in your purse and there's a point where making a scene isn't appropriate in these situations either.
    However, if this becomes "give me the $100 and I'll turn it in for you" then I would offer to give HR a receipt for the funds donated to a charity.
  6. what do you mean by this?
  7. I would just report it. If it was a massive sum of money, I might think differently, but $100 is not worth the trouble it would cause if someone found out or if this blew up in your face in any way.
  8. I would report it that way you have peace of mind because you did the right thing and there's no dirt on your hands.
  9. I would first tell your supervisor. You wouldn't get in trouble because you told him the policy you follow, but he just did it on his own free will anyway.

    However, if you don't tell and the client comes back to your supervisor or says something and the word may get around, you could get in trouble for not reporting it. Even when you told him it was unnecessary.
  10. Well, i'm glad you all agree with me cuz for a while there i thought i was nuts!

    I told my DH, mom, and sister and they all agreed that i should have kept the money!! I got really confused!

    I did tell my supervisor, and he told me that they end up donating such gifts at the end of the year to different charities. I felt ok afterwards... like not guilty or anything.. but when i talked to my family they each justified keeping the money!

    My argument was that peace of mind is priceless!! I'm glad there are other sane people out there :smile:
  11. you did the right thing! I agree that peace of mind is a great thing- and knowing it will be donated to charity would make me feel even better. :smile:
  12. Your title of the thread already reveals what your conscience tells you to do, and you did the right thing. I do not believe in all rules, but I believe in my conscience and ethics. I guess you do too. Proud of you!:tup:
  13. Report. It's the right thing to do and you never have to worry.
  14. A company I was at for 12 years had a policy on not accepting gifts valued at more than $200. If we did receive something outside the limits, we were to advise our boss and, in most cases, it was simply documented and we were left to keep the gift.
  15. I would have handed the 100 back to him and said, "If you really do appreciate my help, then tell me with WORDS because I can really get in trouble if I accept this. Your words expressing your appeciation will mean much more to me than money"