Ethical Dilemma: Buy what I need or what I LLLOOOOVVEEE???


Which bag should I get with my limited budget??

  1. get what you LOVE - hey it's a treat

  2. get what you NEED - you're poor and need to be sensible

  3. other - please explain below

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  1. Ok Girls, here's my dilemma:

    I am a graduate student, and close to graduation. As my 'I've been working my arse off and need a treat' gift to myself, I'm going to treat myself to coach.

    There is only one problem:

    Do i get what i LOOOOVE

    (legacy shoulder bag in Whiskey)


    or do i get what I need (which is a bag that i can fit my laptop in that is not a timbuk2 messenger)?

    (considering gigi in black or gallery tote in black )



  2. I say get what you love...because if you love will end up getting it anyway, so just get what you like. It's a gorgeous bag!
  3. That's so tough! I think if you don't get what you love, you'll just be thinking about your Legacy all the time.

  4. Exactly.
  5. Oh man, have I been there! I agree with everyone else that you should get what you love because you'll just end up wishing for it and getting it anyway in the long run. It's a treat so just go for it. Save the sensible bag for later.

    And CONGRATS on finishing up grad school! I just completed my PhD this summer so I totally understand the need for a special treat. Unfortunately, I started buying myself celebratory treats back in February and didn't stop until a couple of weeks after my defense in July :p.
  6. I voted for get what you need. If you dont get what you need, you are still going to NEED it! But, do what you want!! If you Love that bag, and feel you cant live without it-go for it!
  7. I would vote for buying the legacy bag for your treat and buy a cheaper Sony or other brands for your lap top (which will fit the lap top even more perfectly)
  8. i vote for getting what you need. even if you get the legacy, you will still needa bag to lug the laptop around in. plus i'm bias, i like the gallery tote better. lol!
  9. Get what you love or you might end up unhappy with what you did get and returning it anyway (like I did). Although I did get to see lots of different bags along the way to what I did love. :biggrin:
  10. any of these are great choices, but since its a treat, get what you love!!! congrats on your graduation!!
  11. I think you should treat yourself to the bag you love for your graduation! You definitely deserve that after all the hard work and maybe you could even use it when you go to job interviews or meetings (thinking ahead here). Also, if you put your laptop in one of the tote bags, you'd have to have a laptop sleeve to protect your computer from all the other stuff in your bag. I keep my laptop in my bag, but it is divided into two sections, so I keep my purse stuff separate from my computer stuff.
  12. definitely get what u love!
    when u love the bag it just gives u
    this feeling of joy whenever u take it out
    as opposed to getting sumthing practical...
    u'll wear it but not enjoy it :yes:
  13. Another vote for get "what you love"! This Coach bag is a reward/gift to yourself. So, buy the gift that will make you giddy! Its like getting my Dyson vacuum cleaner for Christmas. Yeah, I was diggin' the Dyson and "needed" a vacuum but after it was all said and done it didn't make me giddy when I opened it. Buy the gift that makes you "giddy"!!!!:nuts::yes:
  14. Second this. Get what you love and then try to find a decent laptop bag on sale. Mobile Edge makes some nice ones that hold up and are < $200. Later when you're raking in the big bucks ;) you can get a Coach for your laptop if you like. :yes:
  15. i m w the majority here. u can always get a cheaper laptop bag and it seems that the other items will b spoiled for u bc u want the legacy.