Eternity Shawl

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  1. has the grand pleasure of being able to bring to you:
    Suzanne Juul's “Eternity Shawl”
    For those of you unaware, the “Eternity Shawl” is the must have accessory of the season! Seen on celebrities such as Mary Kate Olsen, Eva Longoria, Hillary Duff, Britney Spears, and the list goes on and on! Rumor has it a store in L.A. is awaiting a shipment to arrive today (Dec. 14th) with celebrities such as Paris Hilton waiting to snatch one up. The store would not disclose to Suzanne Juul any other celebrity names due to confidentiality. You better buy this one up quick before its gone!
    MaryKateEternityShawl.jpg EvaLongoriaEternityShawl.jpg
  2. Cute, but $230?! It's not cashmere...I almost bought one, but not at that price.
  3. There is a code for right now.. enter STYLEBAKERY for 15% off your entire order...its either STYLEBAKERY or STYLEBAKERY15. I can't remember.
    I am in the process of finding out what kid mohair is...waiting for Kataphileo to email me back.
  4. I got my mum to make me one a few years ago... MUCH cheaper!!!
    I still Love it!
  5. responded to my kid mohair question with:

    Kid Mohair is a silk like fabric found in Angora goats. When mohair is sheared from the goat, the coarse hair is separated from the down hair. The younger the goat, the finer and softer the hair. It is known for its high luster and sheen and is quite warm.