eternity ring - diamond missing :(

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  1. it's been only 6 months since the wedding and today, for the second time, a diamond is missing from my eternity ring. the first time, i thought it was my fault but it has happened again! i know it's not because it's dirty because i JUST got it cleaned on thursday! i know the jeweler will replace the diamond without charging me, but it just breaks my heart every time this happens cuz it's my wedding band and all. and it has so much meaning.

    this is normal? do i have a defect ring?
  2. I'm sorry, that stinks :sad:

    What setting is it?
  3. It has happened to me a million times with several different pieces. I know its frustrating. Have it replaced (again) and ask them to really check all diamonds....After replacing a few diamonds in different pieces it stopped happening. I was to the point I was told the jeweler...I am going to use super glue! FIX IT!!! Im sorry for your frustration. :sad:
  4. swanky - it's this one:
    but it looks like it's missing a "tooth"

  5. ^Very stunning set! I'm so sorry to hear about the diamonds falling out.
  6. I had that twice w/ my tennis bracelet in a similar setting. M jeweler also replaced for free, but still!
    It hasn't happened since, I bet your's won't continue either.
    Have them check LAL the prongs when they replace it and even go in a month or 2 later and make them do it again.
  7. you have a gorgeous wedding set! hopefully it won't keep happening when you get it fixed.
  8. i have lost diamonds from my eternity bands and a bracelet also. fairly common if they are worn everyday. have them tighten all the diamonds when they replace the missing stone. it's just one of those things.
  9. OMG no!!! i am so sorry to hear this.... get all the prongs checked out
  10. I've had the same thing happen before to my band and other pieces. What I've realized is that you really need to have jewelry checked by a reputable jeweler every so often. So, my band goes in a couple times a year (when I happen to be in the area) and my other nice items go at least once a year.

    I have had almost brand new items that needed adjustments. I had a very expensive pair of almost brand new Penny Preville earrings that I was close to losing a diamond on. I think the stone was loosened because I was banging the telephone handset up against it when I was wearing the earrings.

    When you think about it, it makes sense that you should have to make adjustments, repairs on items that you wear everyday.
  11. Beautiful set and almost exactly like mine!! And it's so funny b/c 3 months after our wedding the same thing happened to me. It sucked. My jeweler replaced it as well but for about a year I was CONSTANTLY checking it worried that I'd lose another one. I haven't lost another in 5 years so hopefully you'll have better luck once this one's replaced - sorry to hear that happened to you too!
  12. thanks ladies!

    ssc0619 - you know.... i actually took it to the jeweler to get it cleaned/checked out on thursday! i'm really thinking that it's the contruction.

    i'm gonna go to the jeweler again tomorrow and get it fixed... here's a pic to show you gals how it looks like:

  13. Oh no! I can't believe they didn't notice any problems when they cleaned and checked the prongs for you.

    I have the same setting for my wedding band that I've worn for 2 years and so far haven't lost any diamonds. I have my prongs checked every 6 months and so far they have serviced it twice (once last year, again this year) to straighten & re-tighten a bent prong
  14. I read the title of your post, then looked down at my ring, and a stone was missing.

    I'm PISSED.:rant::mad::censor::cursing:

    I feel your pain.

    I hope you had insurance. I hope my dbf insured my ring as well!
  15. Okay - it just got worse - I looked at my right hand ring - ALSO MISSING A STONE!

    I'm irate - someone please soothe me!!!!!!!!!!!