Eternity Bands

  1. My DH has decided it's time for an eternity band!! I have a princess cut channel set wedding band and I am not sure if I should get a matching eternity band or something a bit different.

    What do you wear? show us piccies of the wedding band, e-ring and eternity band (hand-shots of course!) please!

    Do people still wear eternity rings?
  2. I have a 1 carat eternity ring that I wear as my E-ring when I am riding my horse/quad, etc.

    I love it! My normal E-ring is alot flashier so it is nice to have both :smile:

    I think E-rings are sooooo classy. :smile:
  3. I have an eternity band that was my wedding band. My hubby bought me a Christian Bauer band called the starlite for our 1st anniversary and I wear the two of them with my ering.

    Love my eternity band!
  4. i have always wanted one, but then decided it wasn't necessary.

    but just yesterday, a grandma or auntie was visiting my daughter's Montessori school....she had the most lovely eternity band...i couldn't stop looking at it. it was so simple, but was beautiful.

    i don't think they go "in" or "out" of style.

    one of my friends recently inherited an amazing eternity band from the 1930's. it looks totally current...but has a wonderful story behind it.
  5. I received a 6 ct. platinum eternity band on my 7 year anniversary,:yahoo: to replace my channel set wedding band. I wear it with my engagement ring.
    ring2.JPG ring.JPG
  6. I definitely think you should get an eternity band...IMHO, they are timeless! :smile:
  7. I've got an eternity ring... for my middle finger on my left hand. I liked the design and the look, and it's just a 1 ct. It's classy and timeless, go for it.
  8. My wedding band is an eternity band... I love them. No spin factor, a bit of bling, and very timeless.
  9. They are so pretty. I've always wanted one.
  10. Both my e-ring and wedding band are matching eternitys. LOVE it. The e-ring is princess and the stones are all prong set, not channel, so it is sometimes uncomfy on the underside but I'm definitely not gonna complain to DH! lol
    They were an upgrade set to my original e-ring setting/wedding band.

    I think ya need one!
  11. I would get the matching one.