eternity band plus solitaire ?

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  1. I have an eternity band that I feel uncomfortable:sad: wearing with the stones under my finger. Someday I'd like to upgrade my e-ring but until then....Does anyone have any suggestions or pics on how I can reset my 1.25 round together with eternity band to give more "bling"? I don't want to attach it because I still don't want the diamonda all around finger. I was thinking of making a halo setting but the little diamonds are either .15 or .20. My jeweler feels that it would look like a cocktail ring if I used them for a halo. He said a halo is usually made up of pave diamonds. I think I agree with him!
  2. Do you feel uncomfortable wearing the stones under your finger because you would rather all the diamonds be exposed on the top of your hand or is your eternity band physically uncomfortable or perhaps something else? If you eternity band physically feels uncomfortable I would suggest that, if it isn't already, you have your eternity band set as a shared setting (i.e. two prongs between each diamond instead of 4 prongs holding each diamond). I have a solitaire engagement ring and an eternity band for a wedding band and I find it quite comfortable.

    If you are just looking for a little more 'bling' what about getting another eternity band that matches your current one to wear on the other side of your e-ring? I personally like the asymmetry of the wedding band and e-ring but I have a lot of friends that have the three ring stack (wedding band (eternity band), e-ring, eternity band). Or you could split up your current eternity band so you had two half eternity bands on either side of you e-ring. That way you are not messing around with your e-ring and all the diamonds that you currently have are exposed.
  3. The lady in the jewelry store also suggested splitting the eternity band into two separate rings. That definitely solves the problem of no diamonds underneath. To do this in platinum cost about $795 per ring. My e-ring is in platinum. But her boss didn't think I would be happy with that because he said the rings would spin to the side so sometimes I still might get stones underneath. Also the top band and bottom band might not line up evenly due to rings spinning on finger. I don't want to invest in another eternity band because to match my current one, it would cost about $6000. I was hoping to make one ring out of my two. Just having a tough time with designs. What if I used 1/2 of eternity band and attached my stone in a higher setting over it. But what would I do with the other 1/2? I really don't want a 2nd ring.
  4. How about using the diamonds from the e-band and putting it into a new setting for the solitaire?

    I personally would split the e-band into 2 rings so I can wear band-solitaire-band which I've always wanted.

    Good luck!
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    What if you set your solitaire in a channel setting using 1/2 of the diamonds from your eternity band and then you had a channel set band with the rest of them. I have something similar if I can figure out how to post it I will !
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    I can't figure out, I am using picasa so it should be allowed but here is something similar to mine but mine is in platinum. it is tapered at the end so you have to figure out how you want the solitaire to sit so the number of stones in the band is important. Mine is 9 and I have a 3 stone ering so it seems right and lines up with the 3 larger stones in the middle of the band and is tapered at the ends.
  7. Thanks for the ideas! I'm leaning towards a set. Perhaps using 6 little ones with e-ring and then 10 little ones on separate band to match. Anyone ever do something like this before and are you happy with result?