eternity band in my LV ring box

  1. Hi all,

    DH gave me this diamond eternity band, now I have turned it into a post-divorce eternity diamond/topaz eternity right-hand band, with great inspiration from damier azur colour .

    LV ring box was purchased from this past year.

    Thought you'd like to see these pics...
    ps: "slideshow" works best for viewing
  2. Oh wow, it looks stunning in that box!
  3. Gorgeous! That would be FAB with Damier Azur!
  4. It is very pretty. Sorry about your marriage. LV makes everything beautiful.
  5. great ring and great go girl friend...girl power!!!
  6. Wow, it is breathtaking in that box! I'm sorry to hear that it didn't work out, but you managed to look for the positive!
  7. beautiful
  8. It looks great!!!
  9. Beautiful!!!!
  10. stunning............................i am very sorry about your marrigae though! *hugs*
  11. What a beautiful ring and a stunning box to hold it in. So sorry to hear about your marriage, but continuing to wear this ring shows your tenacity and it's a tangible reminder of yet another life's experience.
  12. ohhhh, thank you, everyone is so sweet !
    ( 90% of my LV collection was purchased during the settlement negotiations.) Retail/internet therapy, worked every time. ;)
  13. stunning ring- i love it!
  14. Pretty ring. Adding the topaz was a nice way to make that ring work for you!