eternal question - lambskin or caviar

  1. For a jumbo black flap - I won't use it everyday, probably once a week or so. Also, silver or gold hardware?
  2. I have the jumbo black with lambskin and I use it all the time, and I am very hard on my bags. It has no damage and is holding up very well. I love the silver hardware, but that is a personal choice.
  3. I just LOVE Lambskin and I like both Silver and Gold, but usually prefer Silver on a Black bag
  4. If it's not daily use, I'd go w/ black lambskin/silver:yes:
  5. I vote for the Lambskin with silver. All my bags are silver hardware with the soft lambskin. Even my wallet has lambskin--its holding up fine.:yes:
  6. Lambskin and silver hardware. =)
  7. I have the black caviar with silver hardware. It was a gift from DH and I forgot to tell him lambskin was my first choice, but I love the caviar.
  8. I vote lambskin!! Either hardware will look amazing!
  9. I have this bag in the Caviar and love it. I think it may hold up better if you would be using it more often.

    If you're only using it here and there, I would go for the lambskin.
  10. lambskin/silver for me!
  11. I vote lambskin with gold!!!
  12. If you aren't using it everyday, I'd say lambskin with silver. If you were using it everyday, I'd go with caviar with silver.