ETain or Etoupe Evelyn

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  1. HI Guys I just got an ETain Evelyn and wondering if I should keep or try to exchange for one in Etoupe. I didn't realize I ordered the ETain color until I already purchased! The colors were similar on screen. I like the darkness of the Etain, but Always loved Etoupe based on all the pics I've seen. Thoughts? Opinions? TIA!!
  2. #2 Jun 10, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2016
    Congrats on your Evelyne! Here is a thread showing and discussing the differences between Etain and Etoupe. Both are lovely! If you tend to wear jeans a lot, because the Etoupe is a lighter color, you *might* actually be very happy with the fact that Etain is a bit darker and probably less likely to have color transfer.
  3. I faced the same dilemma when I got my Etoupe Evie -- looked at Etain, Etoupe, and Vert de Gris. Went with Etoupe partly because it was my first choice going in and it goes with everything, and partly because I love contrast stitching. No regrets! I also live in jeans and have not had any issues with color transfer.
  4. Etoupe!!! For the contrast stitching.

  5. +1! I agree, the contrast stitching is the best part of Etoupe.
  6. Etoupe. Not a fan of etain
  7. I have several Etoupe bags and an Evelyne in Etain. I think Etain goes with everything..its slightly darker and can easily be used all year. I think Etoupe as more as a warm weather color. Keep the Etain!
  8. I love both, it really depends on your personal preference!
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    Such a tough decision! I love both colors but got an Etain Evelyn last month. It seems to work the best for me but every time I see an Etoupe I love it too!
  10. Thanks for the input everyone! I think I like etoupe better bc of the contrast stitching from pics but my boutique doesn't have the PM size so I guess it wasn't meant to be! SA said Etain was also a hard color to find and I should keep it so Etain it is!
  11. Great decision!!
    Etain has more gray. It will go with everything!!
    Love this color and the Evelyn is such a great bag.
  12. i agree. you can find etoupe evelyne readily

  13. So happy you are getting etain! I have an etain B and I love that grey ! You won't be disappointed! It's a fabulous color!!
  14. Yes etain
  15. Etain gets my vote. Cleaner and ease of use