Et voilá: My plomb city

  1. Hi everybody!
    I finally managed to take pictures of my plomb city (I know you´ve seen a LOT of those before). Got her about 10 weeks ago. Love her still very much and can´t wait to get a companion for her.... probably a day, maybe even in Paris if we manage to go there on our vacation :p
    Sorry about the green shades, that´s a problem with my mobile-phone camera. The bag doesn´t have any green to it at all...

  2. Congrats.. shes a beauty! :smile:
  3. She is gorgeous! :smile:
  4. Wow, she has silky-smooth, great leather!!! Congrats!
  5. Congrats:tup:
  6. Beautiful!
  7. Utterly gorgous. Looks just right for a whole lifetime!!!
  8. wow, she's gorgeous!! the leather is nice and smoshy!! congrats!!
  9. [​IMG]
    Your plomb is wonderful!!! The 07 leather is so consistent!!! Awesome!!!
  10. Gorgeous! I so want a Plomb Day...
  11. Thanks everybody, you are so sweet!

    allyboobop: I loooove your mogano Day. I´m thinking of getting one too. Especially after I saw your pictures :love:
    Sienna isn´t bad either though. OMG tough decisions to be made :p:
  12. Congrats:yahoo: it looks so much nicer than the one i saw at NM.:tup:
  13. :yahoo::yahoo:I love the leather on this! Gorgeous! :tup:

  14. beauti....beauti...beautiful!!
  15. the leather is beautiful!