ET, someone stole your old e-bay auction

  1. Oh my! How could someone do that??? Are those your pictures and everything??
  2. That has been happening to me countless times, the most recent in the past few days. They usually copy the pictures and the complete listing, which is infuriating. I always contact ebay and they pull the listing not in a speedy manner, but usually in a timely manner.

    This time, being ever so ticked off, I contacted the person who listed it and gave them a piece of my mind. They replied stating that their account was hijacked and they are trying to clear this up. I don't know if that was the truth or not, but ebay needs to do something about this because it will be losing its buyers as well as sellers!:censor:
  3. Ugh, what a loser!
  4. ughhh i hate when that happens...
    next time make sure about the watermark thing.
    a case happens with a member from TFS, someone on ebay stole her pics from the forum and put it on ebay.
    i guess it's not even safe for us to post our pics in forums without watermark anymore.
  5. OMG, someone just hit BIN on this baby, grrrrrrrrrrrrrr :rant::wtf::rant: :wtf:
  6. NO!! Someone needs to contact that buyer!
  7. OMG! That is horrible! The pics make the auction so close to ET:rant:
  8. What is the original auction number so we can send it to the buyer of that auction.
  9. ET, report the auction. hopefully ebay pulls it and sends an email to the buyer
  10. The more I see these things, I am thinking that maybe I just need to save my money for brand new bags from the store. This is terrible.
  11. This is absolutely disgusting! I felt I had to do something about it, so I tried to contact the buyer from the fake auction and I was blocked by eBay! The buyer probably still has no idea it is a scam.

    Next I looked up the auction numbers for the original auction and the scam auction and I filed a complaint with eBay. This was their completely jackass response:

    Dear eBay member,

    Thank you for writing eBay in regard to Image and Text Theft.

    Thank you for taking the time to contact us with this information. I
    understand how this situation could be of some concern.

    I have reviewed the information that you provided regarding image and
    text theft, but at this point find that I do not have enough evidence
    to show that the member has violated any eBay rules.

    Unfortunately, we will only be able to take action if the owner of the
    image or text writes to us. In some instances, certain members will
    allow others to use their images. It is also possible that they
    acquired the image from a mutual source. Therefore, we often cannot remove
    listings based on the representations of third parties whose
    credentials we cannot verify.

    We do understand the potential for further issues in this type of
    situation. That is why, if you feel strongly about this issue, we
    recommend you contact the seller(s) to advise them of the information
    and recommend they contact us directly. Once we hear from them, we will
    take appropriate action.

    I understand your frustration regarding this matter and apologize for
    the inconvenience it caused you.


    eBay Customer Support

    [FONT=&quot] Unbelievable! A good Samaritan points out an obvious case of fraud and eBay does nothing about it! Finally, I contacted ET through her eBay account on the original auction. For some reason, I was not blocked this time. She is reporting the auction theft, but it may be too late for the poor buyer of the fake auction who is getting ripped off by a scammer.

    I think I am going to print out both auctions and my e-mails to eBay and send them to the press. I think eBay should be held accountable for the rampant fraud that they turn a blind eye to. Websites like Craig's List rely on the member community to identify
    and flag illegal or inappropriate adverts, but eBay treats its members like idiots.
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