, authentic?

  1. Does anyone have experience with eStyleSense? I read about them in an AOL artical about handbag authentication, and found a few references in some West Coast newspapers online, but I always like to check out the collective wisdom of this group before making any decisions. Thanks!
  2. *bump* I'm really curious about whether these are really authentic bags also. The pictures of the mj bags just look off to me but I'm not sure. Anyone out there have experience with this site or know anything about them?
  3. IMO they sell fakes. Their MJ Venetias are too boxy to be authentic.

    I found this on their website:
    When soliciting opinions from purse blogs or other sources be careful that you don’t miss out on a good deal because someone who owns a current Marc Jacobs bag tells you that the one you’re looking at isn’t real because it has a different lining or zipper. We’ve seen comments about a Marc Jacobs bag being a fake because it has a pointed RIRI zipper tab instead of a round one, or because it has a suede lining instead of a canvas lining.

    This is a HUGE red flag! ALL Marc Jacobs bags with Riri zippers should have rounded heads... period. There are no exceptions to this rule.
  4. ugh. it's a new low when the proprietor of a website selling fake bags is giving tips on how to authenticate... someone should email the author of this story and tell her to get a better source.
  5. Hi everyone!

    I usually hang out in the Chanel/LV forums, but I started to develop an interest in Prada lately and was wondering if any of you could help me.

    I just saw this bag:


    and I absolutely love the shape!

    Can anyone tell me more info about this bag (retail, season, material, does it hold a lot, comfortable? etc)

    My friend found the style on , I'm used to buying LV and I know there is no place online besides elux and that sells authentic LV, but has anyone purchased from them (I tried a search but nothing's coming up...?)

  6. Thats an OLDER style(please post pics in the AUTH THIS thread before any purchases to see if real!this is off).....u could prob only find thru resellers....There are new even MORE FAB similiar styles coming Id wait to see the newest line perhaps?

    PS-Welcome to the Prada forum girl!
  7. I can tell you that sells knock-offs and that's a fake for sure. If you don't know Prada, please, please, please buy from reputable retailers: NM, BG, Saks or Prada itself. Styledrops, Raffaello Network and Bluefly also sell authentic Prada. There's a few other places, but these are the best way to start. There's crooks by the score on the Web. :mad:
  8. Phew! Glad I asked! I think I WILL stick to the store for now. Prada Psycho, I live in Canada so we don't have NM, BG, or Saks and there is no Prada boutique where I live.
  9. ^^^You can shop those places online. I think you have to place your order on the phone though.
  10. Yeah, but unfortunately customs is a huge issue...:s I wish I could shop at those places without having to worry about customs/duties!
  11. karman, have you tried Holt Renfrew? They usually have a somewhat good collection of Prada. There's also the Prada boutique on Bloor St downtown Toronto
  12. Has anyone out there purchased a handbag from They have assured me everything is authentic but just from a past season. If anyone else has had experience or can check the site out and let me know I would really appreicate it.

  13. Yes Moi, I have tried Holt Renfrew (in fact that is where an awesome SA works and introduced me to Prada) but they don't have a great selection. I live in Calgary, there is no Prada boutique here. :sad:
  14. I haven't purchased from them, but you have to be SO careful these days.

    If you're looking for the brands on that website, you're probably better off checking out No worries about authenticity with their site.
  15. That's too bad about your Holt's in Calgary.
    I was browsing at Holt's in Yorkdale, and they had quite the selection.