Estrela Retiro


Apr 14, 2016
Hello all! My pre-loved Estrela arrived today - and I have a question for anyone who owns one. When it comes new from Louis Vuitton, is it folded? I ordered off of Tradesy, from a seller who's profile said they were in Chicago. However the bag shipped from China, and they folded it up to make it fit in the box. Now has a crease in the canvas, that was not disclosed in the listing and for sure didn't show up in pictures. Not sure if the crease came from the packing method, or if the new ones come folded anyway and that they always have a crease in them. (For example the Alexander Wang Rocco bags come folded up, and there's a crease in the leather that never completely goes away.)
I just wanted to find out what other people thought, before I let myself become unhappy with the bag due to the crease. LOL


Jun 19, 2008
I have the older version and mine did not come folded up at all. I wouldsend back and ask for refund. I wouls be unhappy with a crease too considering the structure of the bag.