Estimated price for a 3 carat Tiffany setting ring???

  1. So my gf and I were at Tiffany's this weekend. We were browsing rings because's Tiffany's. That is what you do while at Tiffany's. It's not like you go there because the lighting makes your own jewelry sparkle.

    Anyways, back to the main topic. What do you think the price is for a 3 carat classic Tiffany setting engagement ring? We actually looked at a 1.55 carat Tiffany ring w/ channel set side stones...and that retailed for roughly $26k. When I get the ring, it will be at least 2 carats, but I was wondering what the price point is for a 3 carat.

    I'm definitely going w/ the channel set stones in the ring. Just curious how much of a price jump it is from a 1.5 carat to 2. Then 2 to 3 carats.
  2. Why don't you price it out on Bluenile?
  3. Do you want it from tiffanys or just a tiffanys setting?

    If you want it from tiffanys, just ask them when your gf is not around. They are usually willing to answer all the questions...especially if it's a man shopping for a ring.

    If you want a tiffanys setting, like uwsgirl said, you can price it out on Bluenile.

    The price also really depends on the specs you want on the stone...
  4. Thanks for the link to Bluenile.

    I want it from Tiffany. Unless Harry Winston can convince me otherwise.
    But yeah, I'm pricing it out to see how much I can expect to pay.
    I'll drop by Tiffanys and ask.

    There definitely are a few factors that can greatly affect price.

    Thanks for the help!
  5. Harry Winston doesn't make a ring in that setting. I think Tiffany is the only brand name store that does that setting. Of course there are the other vendors that make Tiffany-style settings.

    Also, platinum and whitegold will make a difference in price.
  6. Buying her a 3 ct. & she's not hounding you for it. You will make a great hubby! Congrats!
  7. People swear by too!

    Depending on color, clarity, can be costly!
  8. Lucky Girlfriend!
  9. She is a very lucky girl indeed to be getting at least a 3ct and it's going to be from t & co.
  10. It must be at least in the $60-$80,000 range for a 3 ct Tiffany ring.
  11. Are you looking for a new gf?!?! :nuts: or maybe you want two?! hahaha, jk, but lucky gf you have!!

    I have no idea what the price ranges are but man am I green with envy right now!! i think you and my bf need a little 1-on-1 time :graucho: I'll give you commission if I get a ring bigger than 1 carat! :roflmfao:
  12. I think Bag*Snob is on target.

    Since you are getting a headlight for an engagement ring, do make sure that the "cut" is appraised to be at least "very good". Ensures maximum sparkle. I know you're shopping at Tiffany's but just keep this in mind. I've learned the hard way how extremely important this factor is. Poorly cut diamonds have no life to them.

    Now if you want to save money, go to the store here in Portland because there is NO SALES TAX! That would save you about $5000! Or let you buy bigger! :happydance:

    Lucky girl!

  13. I saw about 3 carat (I think it was like 3.12 carat if I remember correctly...I don't remember clarity and color...sorry!:sad: ) engagement ring at Tiffany when I was at Tiffany last time. It was tiny bit less than $90,000.

    ps. Oh! The ring I mentioned would be definetly OVER $90,000 including tax.
  14. Well, I consider myself lucky to be w/ such a wonderful gf.
    I know I will definitely get at least a 2-carat, but there is a chance that I could get a 3 carat. I'm fortunate that I truly like my job in finance and am extremely pleased w/ my future in the industry.

    Of course, as suggested, it would be wise to purchase the ring from a state that doesn't have sales tax. I'll keep that in mind when the time is right.

    Thanks for your help everyone!