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  1. hi there,
    new to the community here. my sister received this chanel nylon bag as a gift and she doesn't want it, so i'm trying to sell it for her.

    i've been looking for hours to find the $ estimate so i can sell on e-bay. can someone please help me with the estimate?

    thanks much!!!
  2. try looking on bluefly. i remember selling chanel nylon bags there once in a while. good luck!
  3. i just know its from Chanel Sport
  4. Does your sister have the original box with the style number? If so, you might be able to call the Chanel toll free number and tell them what style and get the original price if it's a recent item?
  5. It's Very Cute....Best Of Luck!!!
  6. try $10
  7. Sorry, I have no idea but I really like it! It would make a great bag for toting to the gym. I think you can get way more than $10!
  8. tsk tsk...
  9. $10? :blink:
  10. I would suggest that you have it authenticated with many more photos up above in the Chanel Shopping forum, Authenticate this Chanel. This is especially important since it was received as a gift, without any proof of purchase from an authorized retailer.

    I don't know the bag, but it sure has more "Chanel" markings than I am used to seeing. Like almost an overkill of insignia.

    However, I am not that familiar with the sports line.
  11. If it's authentic, I am sure you'll have a good chance to sell it at a discount off the original price, don't be intimated by some of the members here, guess they are just kidding around. :P

  12. I'm not sure why you are digging up a thread from over more than a year ago? :confused1:

  13. Thats rather rude, dont you think? :tdown:
  14. Gosh..I didn't realise it was an old thread
    :wtf:...Hmmm....not good

    Thanks beauty...

  15. Oh! I didn't notice the date either.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.