Estimate: What is the dollar value total of all your handbags? Your shoes?

  1. I know this may be more than some people want to reveal about themselves, so I understand if this thread goes unanswered. However I am curious as to how much value we actually have packed in our closets in terms of bags and shoes.

    1. How much value, (original price not used value) of handbags do you own? Shoes?

    2. How much do you spend per year on bags? Shoes?

    I was just reading a thread where women stated that they could not live with just 7 bags, which got me thinking: How much are we actually spending?

    3. Also, does the value always grow as you shop, or do you move things out, sell them or give them away?

  2. eck.

    Handbags - around $15,000+ (retail worth here. I bought some from MyPoupette Resellers)
    Shoes - around $8,000

    I'm probably the one who has the least in here!
  3. Shoes around $10,000-12,000
    Bags about the same....yikes!!!!
  4. I'd guess about 5-7k in handbags and about the same in shoes, but I'm just getting started.
  5. I am also wondering what is the average price we spend on a bag? I met a wonderful woman this weekend who only buys sale bags, so she could get many more bags out of $10,000 unlike myself who tend to buy retail.
  6. I must say it is less than $1500 for about a dozen bags that I currently own, the most expensive being a Coach patchwork tote at $200. Most of my bags are non branded, so unlike most folks at this forum here, I wonder whether I am an oddball.:P
  7. oh my, i don't know and honestly i don't want to know... it will make me feel more guilty...
  8. 8thousand and above for bags, just realized its good to know so i would stop buying :smile:
  9. hm.. OMG.. i always thought my handbags were worth more than my shoes but apparently not so..

    1: handbags about 5K, shoes about 10K
    2: I've probably spent about 2K on handbags and shoes this year.
    3: I usually just add to the collection. I hate parting with my items!
  10. The total cost is around $12000 for the handbags I can remember to calculate.:sad:
    I spend around $2000 per year for handbags only.:cry:

    I have to admit I do not buy expensive shoes though, so it must be around $ 1000 for both seasons per year.:huh:
  11. Interesting! I had never tallied it before:

    Bags (if I had paid full price): $13345 (Actually paid $8630).
    Shoes (if I had paid full price): $2090 (Actually paid $1250).

    1. I'm not much of shoe person (relatively).
    2. I like to shop sales (and pretty much only sales).
    3. It could be worse!

  12. :P This is interesting because my husband and I were talking about this same thing last night!
    Looking at everyone elses responses makes me feel better.

    For Bags: $7000 (most of my collection is Coach :biggrin:)
    Edited to add: For Wallets: $900
    For Shoes: probably less than $1000 (I am a flip flop kinda girl - I think it comes with being an Oregonian)

    I always think about selling off some of the Coach to start funding the LV collection but I cant seem to part with them. :sad: I feel bad just leaving them sitting on the shelf unused. It's like handbag abuse. :graucho:
  13. OMG, i'm totally shocked at how much I really spend. eeeeek. :shocked:

    Bags = over $20,000
    Hats = at least $5,000
    Shoes = over $15,000

    And I do clothes shopping more than anything. But these are collections that started off YEARS ago so I don't feel bad at all.
  14. hmm, it really makes me guilty but yet, I am happy that I have collected them as each marks a milestone in my total about 12K.. ouch

    1. 2 Balenciaga $2.2K
    2. 3 Pradas $1.3K
    2. 4 Diors -2 saddles + 1 lady dior + 1 ballet $2.1K
    3. 3 Guccis $1.1K
    4. 3 Fendi baguettes $0.8K
    5. 1 YSL moombasa $0.9K
    6. 1 Tod's shopper $0.9K
    7. 2 Anya Hindmarch photo bags $0.6K
    8. 2 Juicy coutures - 1 satchel + 1 diaper bag $0.6K
    9. 1 Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag $0.02K
    10. 5 Lulu Guiness Bags $0.6K
    plus a host of other riff raff from Gap, jennifer scott, coach,
  15. :yes: I prefer not to know :shame: