Estee Lauder

  1. So, after seeing Vampy Varnish's postings on the new Estée Lauder polishes, I caved. I went to Nordy's and bought Tempestuous. It's a dark gray/black base with purple and turquoise shimmer. Very pretty! Easy application. Let's see how it wears, as it was $20!
    image-3622394049.jpg image-1673961957.jpg image-868241524.jpg
  2. That looks really nice, all velvety and luxurious. Am curious to hear how the wear time is as well!
  3. I find that they wear fairly well on me (usually 4 days before major tip wear or chipping). And I like their formula but the price is a bit much to swallow. I tend to buy these a lot when I go to a CCO.
  4. Every time I tried Estée Lauder polishes, I was impressed. Love the bottles, too. I really don't know why I never took the plunge yet!
  5. I have had horrible experience with Estee Lauder. (which is sad because I adore their colors and have an outlet not too far from me). I have tried three different colors now and they each chipped on me in under 24 hours. :sad: