Estee Lauder Double Wear-thumbs up or down?

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  1. :tdown::tup:
    hey girls...any one experienced Estee Lauder Double Wear has been praised as it stays on pretty well and long lasting through the day, but i also heard that it somehow too heavey/cakey like and not nautral at all....

    so is this foudnation thumbs up or down?
    does it break you out? really too cakey/ heavy masked like?
    or it is fab as its long lasting power?
    good for combo/sensitive skin? or it breaks out easily?
    is that true it is more suitable for mature skin?

    please please throw some comments!!!
  2. i like it...ive tried a lot (MAC, NARS, loreal, maybelline, cover girl, bobbi brown, clinique, lancome, make up forever, laura mercier, neutrogena), and have come back to this...

    it doesn't make me break out, it doesn't feel cakey, it feels pretty light
    lasting power-pretty much lasts all work day for me

    i'm nc45-50 if that helps, colorwise
  3. is it waterproof? oil free?
    your NC colour means cool undertone so u haf pinky/ yellow undertone?
    which shade ur trying out...
  4. I use: Chestnut and Soft tan...I've used both (summer/winter)...its worth trying...

    From their website:

    Product Details:[​IMG]FAST FACTS
    - Medium coverage
    - Natural, semi-matte finish
    - SPF 10 protection

    15-hour staying power. Flawless all day.

    Now the flawless look you see in the morning is the look you keep all day. This worry-free, long-wearing makeup stays fresh, looks natural through heat, humidity, nonstop activity.

    Won't change color, smudge or come off on clothes. Lightweight and comfortable.

    Expanded shade range complements every skintone.

    Oil-free. Fragrance-free. Non-acnegenic. Dermatologist-tested.
  5. Thumbs Up, it works good, and really stays on. Just make sure you don't put too much on to avoid the cakey look.
  6. I discovered double wear when I worked for Lauder 7 years ago, I still use it when I feel like I need more than powder. It CAN be heavy if you apply it with a heavy hand but it is very easy to apply a nice light blended finish, it stays put quite well, even on my oily skin and it never caused any unusual breakout. I ALWAYS use the double wear concealer, it's the only thing for me that covers the little things hear and there well enough while blending in naturally. I've worked for a lot of upscale cosmetic lines, even more prestige than Lauder IMHO and I've never found a foundation that matches double wear. Probably the biggest reason why I don't use it everyday is because I'm trying to use more natural products as much as possible, but lets face it, some good things just can't be replicated in nature, lol.
  7. def. water resistant and oil free. I don't know about anything being truly water proof, maybe some mascara.....
  8. I give it two thumbs UP! Fantastic staying power, and doesn't look too heavy--just get a good colormatch from the EL Makeup Artist at your counter and you should be fine. Mine lasts pretty much all day and I have combo skin. I bought mine with the Double Wear concealer too. The makeup is on the matte side, so I use mine with highlighting blush to give a natural glow (NARS Orgasm is a good natural-looking one depending on your skintone). As for some people mentioning dryness, I have no problem with it at all if I use it with my Eucerin Oil-Free moisturizer SPF 30 a few minutes beforehand.

    Also wanted to add, that most EL counters will give you a free sample--a few day's supply of your shade. They should just pour a bit of the foundation from the tester bottle into a sample vial for you. Try it out first, in all kinds of lighting, before you pick a shade in the full bottle.
  9. it sounds promising ladies! thank you for commenting!!!
    i will love to get a sample before i try out the right shade coz everytime you're indoor at the counter, the color is often right but while you stand out under sunshine its.....weird!! *finger cross* i wanna get a sample....but in london, sometimes they said they dun haf lil'samples or you better purchase the stuff and they will give you a small sample before you open the full bottle...but it all depends on the SA so...finger cross!!!

    thanks again....but one more think its easy to remove the make up and completely clean it off as they haf long lasting staying power?
  10. Thumbs up from me too. I love doublewear - discovered it years ago and like some of the others, always go back to it at some point. I've got really sensitive, on the dry side skin and it doesn't go cakey on me or cause breakouts.

    I'm quite fair and have used "Linen" which I'm not sure you can get in the UK, I haven't tried yet, bought mine in the US. Also Fresco, which was good for me in summer but a shade too dark for winter in London. Getting the shade right is crucial though. With the coverage you get it needs to be right as too light and you'll look like a ghost (which is what my hubby told me I looked like when I went a bit too pale with it!), too dark and you'll see a tide mark (not a good look!). Definitely ask for some little testers in various shades and have a good look in different lighting conditions.

    I remove mine quite easily with Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish.

    Hope you like it.

    Ladypenelope x
  11. A good foaming cleanser will completely remove it but I do find it more challenging if you use a sensitive skin cleansing lotion. If you prefer a lotion cleanser to a foaming Estee Lauders Take it Away works very well with the double wear. Good luck!
  12. I agree, take it away takes off EVERYTHING!
  13. ohhh! thanks for all the advices!! xoxo
    so doyou girls still put a thin layer of loose powder to stays it or the foundation is all i need and enough already for a perfect condition?

    ladypenelope: yea!!!agreeeee...too white it looks like a ghost and especially when u took picture looks like a geisha yet if its tooo tan/dark, it looks like i am over done in the oven...burnt!! anyways, thanks!! xoxo
  14. I do still dust with loose powder and then use a finish powder but I apply a VERY thin layer of the double wear, I like to blend textures and colors to get a more natural look. I find that I can get a similar look just using the concealer and powder but the double wear just makes me less oily and keeps my face looking good longer KWIM.
    Everyone is different, but loose powder is always a good idea especially if you want to use powder blush or bronzer, you'll get a much more even application over loose powder rather than directly over the foundation. When I worked for Lauder they recommended powder for most if not all of their foundations.

    i juz got bac from EL counter...the staff is friendly and nice, i tried it on my hand as i have makeup already on face, it does really feels 'resistant', a very gd staying power, even i scratch and washed my hands, it seems still stays!! and more easier spreading than i expected...

    i have got 2 shade lil'samples home to test, however it seems like it is still not the right shade yettttt.....god...i often has problem with shades!!! i was told im yellow undertone(now it makes me wonder if i am really), so the staff gimme Shell and Ecro which one are cool the other neutral....i havent tried under natural sunlight yet but it seems not there yet still...

    yet overall at the moment, i will give a thumb up!!!! agreeeing of all ya compliments!! however, i still needa try it out on my face to see if i am not sensitive to it FINGERCROSS!!! as well as to continue find the right shade!!

    i will try it on soon, and keep you all update and a BIG THANK YOU again...xoxoxoxoxo