Estee Lauder & Chanel

  1. Is it ok to use two different brand skin care together ?? I usually use Chanel Hydramax gel for my face, but lately i sort of felt its not enough for my skin since its winter here. I bought the Estee Lauder Future Peferect Creme SPF15, however after i use the Estee Lauder my face felt dry within 10 minutes :sad: so i apply chanel Hydramax gel on top of it ...... do u think its ok to do that ?? ...i wish i had just stick to Chanel Hydramax range.....but my friend was saying that u shouldn't be on the same brand for too long....i wonder if that is true or not :huh:
  2. I think it is fine to use more than one brand-- in fact I think you almost have to. IMO no brand has everything you need within its line so venture out, try alot of different lines and keep what works best.
  3. I use different products from different lines all the time. If I like the cleanser--I may not like the moisturizer. I buy what I like and what works for my particular skin condition. Of course, any makeup line will TELL you that you should use all items from the same line. Clinique has made a fortune on their famous "3-step skin care line".
  4. I don't see why it isn't okay to mix brands, not everything in a particular line or brand is going to suit your skin type.
  5. I know its not unusal to mix brands, but can i acutally use the Estee Lauder Creme and then apply my Chanel Hydramax ? both of them are face moistuizer, applying only the Estee Lauder creme makes my face too dry...and applying just the Chanel Hydramax creme means I am only getting moisture and nothing else ! god....i wish they could make something that combine the those two :idea:
  6. I always mix and match. I choose my favorite products from a bunch of different lines. Plus, with brands like lancome, clinique, and estee lauder, you can almost always get free gifts w/ purchase (so it's good to have products from all so as to take advantage of the free stuff:smile: