Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair ... Anyone?

  1. Is this products range work? and what is your opinion about Estee Products. I began to use estee product with a foam cleanser and it works really well.

    another question......

    What do you think about the La Prairie? It really works well on my friend's skin. I can notice the big different on her face and eyes but I wanna make sure it is worth to pay. Please, share your experiences.

    Thanks in advance :tup:
  2. My mom shared her bottle with me back when I was a teenager. It helped a lot to repair the little scars and unevenness from my acne.
  3. I use this stuff faithfully...It really does nourish your least for me I see a difference...I also use the concentrated version..You use it in place of the (regular) Advanced Night Repair until the jar is gone..Then you go back to the other stuff for a while (I think it's 3 months) and then is the concentrate again...AMAZING!! I'm 41 now and as you get older you really have to step up your skin care routine..things change and you have to exfoliate more and nourish your skin at's the best time..I've been using Lancome for years...Some Aveda products...Victora Principle when I was younger..I started using the Estee Lauder serum about 6 months ago...It's hard to describe what it does...but it hydrates and nourishes...two things that are very important to maturing skin....I get compliments all the time....This will remain as a permanent part of my regime...Sorry to ramble..Hope this helps...
  4. I have used samples of this off and on. So I really can't judge it but it never did anything special for me. The woman at the counter stopped my daughter who had bad sunburn and said it was really good for sunburn.
    Emmy is right about stepping up your skin care regime when you get older. I am 46 and I do more for my skin now than ever before.
  5. I used the advanced night repair before and it did pretty good. But honestly, what has worked best for me and what I've received numerous compliments on is the boots number 7 line sold in target. It has really diminished my lines and my pores have become smaller. My skin altogether looks younger and smoother. I use a whole list of their products so I'm not sure which one of them works the best. Hey, but at least it's cheap.
  6. Oh! Thanks for all your replies.
  7. Advanced Night Repair is an AMAZING product!!!! I am 23 and have been using it for 5 years now, and it really does "repair" the days damage. I used to work for Estee Lauder and I can say that everyone can benefit from this product, regardless of sex or age. And like EMMY said it is wonderful to use the concentrate then switch to the reg ANR. Estee Lauder really does have amazing skincare!!!!!
  8. Oh! Holly.....Thanks a lot for your reply. I just bought a bottle of advanced night repair yesterday and I chose between the concentrate and the normal one and ended up buying the normal one back home as I always allergic to many cosmetic brands. I will go back to buy the concentrate one later.
  9. Vicky you will love it. One reason it is good to go with the concentrate first is that it actually "prepares and preps" your skin for ANR, allowing the ANR to work more effieciently. And always seal it in with a moisturizer, it allows the ANR to penetrate better, the Day Wear Plus is awesome, and so is the Resilience Lift. If you have any EL questions just give me a pm!!
  10. Very Kind of you Holly. Thanks a lot!
  11. i have recently switched from clinique to EL and love it. my skin is so nice and it alwoys looks good. no need for foundation these days.
  12. :roflmfao::roflmfao: It seems to be that i pick the right choice!
  13. I've never used their night cream for the eyes. The SA for Estee Lauder at Holts tried to convince me that it was necessary if I wanted to keep my youth for a longer period of time. I personally am very skeptical towards repair creams and anti-aging creams because many have never worked for my mom, and if some work, I strongly doubt they would work that well because nothing can fight nature. Except maybe Botox, for a temporary period at __ sum.
    As for Estee Lauder's products in general, I think they are okay. I am currently using the foam cleanser and love the smell and texture. It gets a 9/10 in my books. All day wear lipstick is alright too. It does it's job, kinda. Mascara department needs some work though.
  14. ;) I agree with you. I also began to use estee product from Perfectly clean foaming cleanser and I love it very very much.
  15. When you use the ANR concentrate, you should not be using regular ANR. The concentrate has exactly 21 applications in it (2 droppers full at night for 21 days) after the 21 days (and the concentrate is empty) resume using the regular ANR. Using the ANR and the concentrate together is only wasting your product.