Estate Tiffany and Co 2.80 ct

  1. I was in a jewelry store over the weekend and found an estate Tiffany and Co, 2.80 ct round center (G, VVS2) flanked by side baguettes (.25 TCW E-F VS1) set in platinum. It is absolutley gorgeous (sorry I have no digital photos). The boutique is selling it for $69,600 which includes a custom wedding band (also platinum). Does anyone know what a similar ring would sell for new, today at Tiffany's?
  2. I am not sure on the pricing, the tiffany ring you describe might be around 1/3 more instore, I would take a look at and ask them, they are really helpful. Another good company to keep your eye out on is
  3. :wtf:
  4. That is a good deal. My 1.3 D/IF from Tiffany right now is $60,000 and a bit already (not including the cost of plain platinum band which is another £980/~$2,000) so a 2.8 ct one with platinum band is a good deal assuming that you don't mind that it may be curse, LOL.

    EDIT: OK, seen the link (in passing) - may be it is not a good deal after all!
  5. Oh, old jewelry can be cursed rite? Tat's actually a valid point to me. No point splurging so much money and ending up with bad luck and possession lol. Lol I m actually quite paranoid abt such things. Its not helpful that so many precious gems have so many haunted stories. Tats why I dont like to live in secondhand houses either... u wouldn't know who died there.

    But if its an old ring from my forefathers, I wouldn't mind. Lol.
  6. If you must have the Tiffany name, then keep looking but you can get the same specs much cheaper at a wholesale jeweler. Just my 2 cents ...
  7. Some antique jewelery is ok to me, but honestly, regardless of the bargain, I would NEVER want my wedding rings to have belonged to someone else unless it was a family member who wanted me to have them, and even then I would still rather have my own to actually be married with.....
  8. ITA.

    That doesn't rule out wearing it on the right hand, though! ;)

    Bee bee, I would love to see your Tiffany e-ring. It sounds very similar to me and Tweety's rings.
  9. Oh, I'm not interested in the wedding band, only the e-ring. It is a lovely, and I love the way the side baguettes are set - it is very unlike brand new rings today (I wish I had a photo to share!). To someone else's question - I'm not stuck on the Tiffany brand in the slightest, so that is a good tip to keep looking. I'm still curious though what this would retail for new, I think I'll call the New York store to get an estimate.
  10. Thanks so much for sending that link! I've never seen the Signedpieces site before - it is fun!
  11. My engagement ring was purchased in late 2002 from a wholesaler. It's a 2.11 carat princess and is a J/VVS1. Granted, the economy was very bad at the time, but even with its platinum setting we got it for just under $8K. There are tons of threads about Tiffany vs. other places to buy rings, everyone has their own opinion on whether or not a Tiffany would work for them. For me, I got a bigger stone for our budget which is what I wanted to do.
  12. $69k is very, very high for a pre-owned Tiffany Ring with those specs. Just my opinion.
  13. That's a lot of money for a 2.8 ct stone brand name or not.
  14. Wow, that is one pricey ring!