Estate sales and auctions.

  1. Do you ladies go? How do you find out about them? Just the paper? Tell us about some fun things you've found at them. I used to beg my mother to take me to yard sales and vintage shops when I was younger, but we lived in South Florida, so the pickings were great because of all the retirees. Now I'm in DC and it seems that yardsales are where people sell their unwanted Ikea furniture. I'm thinking of checking out some estate sales.
  2. My best friend loves to go to these and sometimes I go with her. I have yet to find anything good but she found this absolutely amazing antique table that she purchased for $100 and was later appraised for $1,500. She gets most of her information from the paper but she is also on the mailing list of 3-4 companies in Atlanta that specialize in estate sales and gets notice that way as well.
  3. There is also a yard sale thread that was good.
    I love any kind of Yard, Garage, Estate, Contents, ect sale! I go everyweekend and come back with something FAB! This weekend I bought a Franklin Mint Erte Sculpture for $4 and sold it on ebay the next day for $195!
    I get something good everyweek. Uh i just jinxed myself !

  4. I'm with you winternight - I live in the DC area too and all people seem to want to seel is old Ikea furniture :sad:

    I used to go to yard sales when I lived with my grandma for a summer...she always found all this great vintage stuff for around the house...her house is so welcoming with all these great pieces in her house now :smile:
  5. They have estate sales all the time in Bethesda and Potomac. I've never been to one. I almost did but got intimidated when I drove up to the gate of house. It was HUGE house!!!!!!!.
  6. I haven't gone to any in a while but used to go when I was still furnishing the house. My best find was discovered at an annual church antique sale. In one upstairs room there were all kinds of "junque" items donated by church members. Under a table I spotted a huge six-arm brass chandelier which I immediately bought for $600. It's a Chapman and is about $3500-4000. It's in my dining room!
  7. I was just at an estate sale two weekends ago. I bought a brand new dryer for my house for $25.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not $125.00; Twenty-five dollars!!!!! My old dryer broke, and I was in desperate need for a new one. I almost died when I won the bid at $25.00! I also got my boyfriend a pine coffee table for $20.00. It's huge, and brand new!
  8. Are there any estate sales in So Cal? Any websites that I can look up on?
  9. i always end up with really great costume jewelry and scarves from estate sales. nothing name brand, but i love them anyway. elderly people keep EVERYTHING. :smile:
  10. I love estate and yard sales. South Florida had the best ever. I would go almost every weekend.....bought so many things. I think some of my best buys were paintings which I really bought for the decorative frames. I also did well with custom made drapes and some custom made fabric covered chairs. My best friend furnished her whole house this way, we had so much fun. In the upscale neighborhoods when people were moving or someone died and the houses needed to be cleaned out they would mark things really cheap, at the end of some sales we were literally told to take what ever we wanted at no charge. My friend found a authentic Chanel purse for $15.00, we knew the people had no idea of the designer goods they were selling.... I always found lots of Lily Pulitzer clothing and I collected unique pottery so that was something I always enjoyed finding. My one friend goes to these storage auctions where you bid on lots of boxes from storage units that people did not pay rent on or left. You did not know what was in the boxes. She got some great things (antiques) but also some really strange junk that you wondered why someone would store it. I think half the fun is in the hunt that you never know what you will find.
  11. Bump! Thinking about going to an estate sale tmrw....well today actually. I've been into teacups and china lately. Is everything really priced low or current value like whats selling on eBay?? Thanks!
  12. I went to an estate sale at an auction house once. Lots of neat stuff, I was too shy to actually participate though and really regretted it. Good luck at your estate sale!
  13. My husband and I go to estate sales all of the time, and we have gotten some unbelievable deals. Try I get listings of all of the sales in my area each week, and pictures are provided so you can get an idea of what's there. I've purchased furniture, house stuff, lots of jewelry, designer clothes and bags!

    Have fun!
  14. I've never been to an estate sale, but I love flea markets and second-hand charity shops. I always buy loads of bags, modern leather and old suitcases, but I especially love cute vintage evening bags that you can just imagine went to all sorts of posh events with their well-to-do owners in the days when most people lived like the Waltons, all dungarees and no shoes, lol.