Estate Emerald and Diamomd earrings a la Duchess of Cambridge

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  1. Hi jewelry lovers! Just want to showcase this beautiful pair of estate earrings that I bought recently. I'm a huge fan of Kate the duchess of Cambridge and I love Estate jewels as they have such great beauty and craftsmanship. These earrings belong to the 1910-1920 era and are made with Columbian emeralds and diamonds in 18 karat gold.

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  2. Stunning! Congrats!
  3. These are gorgeous, Rashmi!
  4. They are beautiful. I would love to see a modelling pic.
  5. Those are stunning!
  6. Oh, how stunning!! :loveeyes: Congratulations on such a find. Workmanship on these older estate pieces are just amazing. I would love to see a mod shot of them on your ear. I bet they look spectacular!!! Those are so similar to the Sapphire earrings that once belonged to Diana & Kate now wears.
  7. Thank you ladies. I will definitely do a modeling shot sometime next week. Yes Kate owns the Sapphire version too in the same style.
  8. They are beautiful earrings.
  9. gorgeous! and yes, we have to see a modeling shot ...
  10. Amazing earrings!
  11. I love vintage jewels and those are so special. Please modeling shots. Congratulations on such a special find.
  12. Rashmi you have my dream earrings! Love love emeralds and vintage jewelry and always look in estate jewellers for them. Your pair are some of the nicest I've ever seen.

    Wear them in good health!
  13. Princess earrings!!!
    Oh they are lovely!!
  14. Just gorgeous...enjoy!
  15. Wow good quality emeralds!