Establishing an H relationship

  1. You ladies certainly are a wealth of information! This is my first post so forgive the "newbie". I've read threads about maintaining a relationship with a SA, but where do you start if you live miles from an Hermes store? Have any of you developed relationships long distance? (Phone calls and purchases site unseen?)
  2. how many miles do you live?

    ideally you would decide something you want to buy...scarf, etc then call the closest store to see if they have it and go in at least the first time to get it...then just make phone contact if going in is too hard.

  3. Yes I have done this and have a fabulous long distance relationship with two SAs. I email them or call them if I am looking for something. Usually an SA will send pictures of an item you are interested in via email.


    Some stores are not willing to ship any items at all without a buying history. Others will not ship bags. Others will ship bags, but not Kellys or Birkins. It really is up to the store manager.
  4. Guccigal: I live in Arizona, the closest store is Vegas or LA. Thanks for the info. I would like to get a scarf but the online selection is kind of limited, so maybe I'll stop in a store this summer, get a feel for the SAs and go from there? With the end goal a Birkin? :smile: (Can you believe I lived in Paris for 5 years and never once set foot in H? Argghh!)
  5. okay call and buy one...on the phone and when you go in next time make sure you use that SA if you like them.
  6. I understand that there is a store opening in Arizona this summer.
  7. Anabeni,

    Look at this thread (esp. towards the end) for some ideas about new scarves coming out. They are beginning to hit the stores. That way when you call, you can better assist you SA with helping you.
  8. You guys are the BEST! You "old timers" are very generous with your tips and advice. Thanks! (I mean "old timers" in the very best sense ;)) I've been watching the scarf thread carefully. And a store in Arizona this summer?? That can only mean trouble!
  9. Rose, thanks so much for your help. I read the thread and I'm thrilled to hear there's an Hermes coming soon! I promise to post pics of my first purchase. Thanks again for all the great info!