Essie Polish very Amarante looking

  1. Ooh, that's a good idea! Anyone know what color is similar to pomme?
  2. Agree--Id' also suggest Wicked, but 3 coats instead of 2.

    As for Pomme--Bordeaux by Essie??? It's the ULTIMATE red. Or possibly "I'm not really a waitress" by OPI.
  3. Oh, nice. thanks! i think it will match my Mirage
  4. Ooooh that's really pretty - gotta buy a bottle!!! Thanks for sharing!
  5. thanks for the info. i really like essie and i'm glad you shared that color with us.
  6. 1 coat Chanel Ruby slipper 2 coats Essie Wicked
  7. OOh yea, I have that color, its a great shade! And I have the Rosewood and an agenda in Amarante. I love Essie. It also kind of matches my car, whose color is "Brandywine Mica" How coordinated am I? LOL
  8. What about Essie "Sole Mate"?


  9. Love those colors!
  10. princesselektra, thanks for posting. I :heart: amarante. :love:
    Please do post pics of your manicure for us! :yes:
  11. Your welcome!

    I will :smile: right now I have the chanel azur, but i need a fill-in so i am going to try this color amarante cles is scheduled to be delivered on monday, so i'll take lots of pics

    by the way the chanel azur (blue satin) is almost black looking, its really nice, its not as blue as in the magazines its been featured in.
  12. my amarante cles came in today! but i dont have my camera on me, only cell phone cam and pic quality is terrible
    (by the way, i painted my pinky nail with decadent diva but the chanel azur is still below, i am at work and have no polish remover)
  13. WOW----that color is awesome with Amarante! I :heart:it!

  14. :okay: not overkill as i was thinking. The visual sure does it gooooood! :graucho: