Essie Nails Spring 08 Collection <50% off!

  1. is another good one too :smile:
  2. wow...there are way more colors of nailpolish than i realized. who thinks of these names?
  4. Ooh I've always wanted to try this brand! Shipping's kind of high though.
  5. wow great prices!! :tup:

    are there websites legit??
  6. OOO!! I love them!!! thanks!!!
  7. Yep, the Beauty Bar ladies have ordered from both without a problem.
  8. I love Essie! Thanks!
  9. coupon code?
  10. ugh i am about to buy 6 i the only one who thinks that's ridiculous?
  11. ^Go for it! They're great deals :tup:
  12. there aren't any since they're already so cheap.

    i've ordered from them and with great results. they ship fast, too!
  13. Head2toe is always cheaper than retail on all it's nailpolish. SO is
  14. I really like essie and really want to buy it only to look at my nail polish and realize I already have too much :p