Essie Gel

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  1. I was very surprised when I saw that there is no existing thread in this forum about essie gel. Even Gelaze had its own thread but a gel line from such essie, a beloved brand not?
    Well, so I decided to start one by my own :smile:

    I have been testing essie gel since last year november. And what can I say?
    - It holds up pretty well on my nails, just like opi gelcolor. Depending on what I do 1-2 weeks
    - It is much harder to remove than OPI GelColor. At least 20-25 minutes are necessary that the acetone removes the polish. I almost cried trying to remove a 5 layer manicure (thin base, 3 thin coats of dance class and top coat). I let the remover wraps on for over 35 minutes and there was still so much gel on my nails... horrible
    So I definitiely will test it with the OPI GelColor base coat. hopefully it can be removed better that way
    - I love the colors. That is the reason why I wanted to have essie gel. Essie is my favorite brand when it comes to colours. I think they have the most beautiful ones. But unfortunately they couldn't make exact dupes of their normal colours. A little sad because as we've seen with OPI GelColor this is possible...

    Here are a few swatches of my manicures.

    First one is Dance Class (= Ballet Slippers), second one is On My Team (= Mod Squad), third one is Chili Pepper (= Watermelon) and the last one is Major Moments (= Bobbing For Baubles)

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  2. I love Essie gel!

    I have about a dozen of them, and they're pretty much all I wear these days. The shine and durability can't be beat!

    I just got frangipani - a great purple-ish pink. Love how it looks!
  3. it looks like there is a lot of product in the bottle unlike CND gels
  4. I have no experience with CND, but Essie bottles are pretty full!
  5. Ooh, beautiful manis!

    I'm excited to see positive experiences with Essie SOGs. I have more Essie regular NPs than any other brand & would love to have the gels for my fav real polish shades-- Bobbing for Baubles is probably my favorite blue-family polish ever :smile:... I'm a little OCD about bottles, so it makes me happy that the gel polish bottles are the same square shape are the rnp & have a big color swatch on the sticker. (In SOGs I have mostly Gelish & that little window can be a pain. I do make bigger stickers for them, but still..).
  6. Essie Chinchilly is one of my favourite nail polishes... I'm going to see about picking up "Puffer Up", as their gel equivalent. I wonder how close it is to the RNP.

    I wish they had Cocktail Bling in gel - that's another favourite. :smile:
  7. Has anyone tried using Gelish base and topcoat with Essie gel colors? I use the Gelish base / topcoat with ALL my gels - LED cure - and they work fine. I find the Gelish stuff lasts longer and removes easier.

  8. I also tend to use Gelish Foundation/TIO with all SOG brands. I only have one Essie SOG so far (Amusing Bouche), which I've used for a mani/pedi for my mom. No prob with lifting or chips for her so far (day 12)
  9. Well I'm in love with essie gel again. With the couture base and top coat the soak offs aber very easy.

    I just ordered 6 new bottles because they released new colours.
    Versions of Butler Please, Knockout Pout, Set In Stones, Turquoise & Caicos and lots of neon colors like camera, bottle service and so on!!!
  10. :dothewave: Sweet Essie gel haul. I'm on a ban, but still very excited they're expanding the line. Can't wait to see how you like the new ones. Great tip about the Coture base/top!
  11. Some of my new colours arrived.

    This is a photo of Fashion Fun House, the gel version of the rnp shade "camera". It's a mixture of a coral and a red. Unfortunately the picture is not 100% color accurate.

    The colour looks very pretty, but it is a little bit too sheer for my taste. Even after 3 coats i can still see the nail white. Perhaps I will try it next time with a white polish under it.

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  12. I would love to try Essie gel since I love the regular polish, but can't find it for sale anywhere!
  13. I got mine from (N/A).
  14. How is the application process compared to CND shellac? Sometimes that goes on lumpy, bubbles, and shrinks from tips. I try to do thin coats but sometimes still have problems. Any thoughts? Can my CND light be used with Essie gels?