essentially coach

  1. is there one essential item every coach lover must have in their collection?
  2. a mini skinny!
  3. A wristlet!
  4. A black wallet!
  5. Oh no! I don't have one of these! :push:
  6. Here's what I think: A black bag, a brown bag, a signature bag, a patchwork bag and at least one item with the legacy stripes.
  7. I agree.... at least 1 Coach wallet in black or brown
  8. I think each person should have one legacy leather piece....any color, any item..
  9. ITA with this! Any piece from the Legacy collection regardless of color or item.
  10. Wristlet and Minny Skinny.
  11. At least a wristlet! They're pretty much universal in terms of endless uses.
  12. COMPLETELY agree! Except that you also need to have something patent leather, and when Bleecker comes out, something with the tattersall print!
  13. a wristlet:yes:
  14. Signature bag.

  15. LOL! Here is mine.....Totall LOVE it!! Got it with my PCE this past week!:yahoo:Goes with every Coach bag I own:tup:
    Ebay Pics 490.jpg