essential work bag...

  1. I'm in search of a work bag. Legal field, a lot of client interaction, ocassional travel. I like a fairly large bag. I've been considering buying something at the $250-$300 price point, but I think I may just save and buy something beautiful and enduring like... A Chloe Edith? A Balenciaga Work?

    A recurring topic, I'm sure, but I'd love to hear your recs. :P
  2. How about something from the LV Vernis range?

    I think the Chloe Edith is a great idea too!
  3. LV sac plat, Alma, or Lockit
  4. for that price range your best bet is coach.
  5. Do you want a shoulder bag??? or are you comfortable with a handbag?
  6. Tano Nip and Tuck lunaboston.jpg
  7. Oooh, I love that Tano, Passerby. Good Call.
  8. For the $250-300 price range, then yes, Coach would be your best bet. They have some really nice professional looking ones in the Hamptons line.

    It sounds like, though, that you'd want something more exclusive. I think you should save to get a bag you really love. JMHO :smile:
  9. Chanel cerf or Chanel Grand (here are some pics from members in the Chanel sub). Personally, I prefer the Cerf (1 and 3)
    Black Cerf_deerskin 1.jpg grande2.jpg cerf1.jpg
  10. Ooh, thanks for the recs all.

    bernz, you're right. ;) I do want something a little more "chichi." I'm such a bag snob. :X Not a fan of Coach, hehe.

    I'm looking more for a shoulder bag. My everyday bag is a damier speedy 30, so...
  11. ITA with Rose - my personal fave for work is the Chanel Cerf. I currently use a Balenciaga City, and there are some from the LV Epi line would be great - I really like the Passy GM.

    The only thing is if your price point is $250-$300, it'll be hard to even buy a Coach Hamptons at that price, unless you can find it on sale.

    The ones that I recommended above are all over $1000.
  12. The 250-300 price point was just my pie-in-the-sky bandaid solution. ;) It's not hard and/or fast by any means. I'm thinking of just going for the gold and buying something around ~1500 in a month or so.
  13. If you are a lawyer are you going to be bringing this bag into client meetings or into court? If so, do you want something more structured to hold files/laptop/ etc?
    This Prada bag is very practical. The pics on the Saks website even show it with a laptop inside.

    Prada - Deerskin Buckle Tote -