Essential Trunk help!

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What would you do?

  1. Get another authentication done?

  2. Believe authentication?

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  1. Hello lovely TPFers,
    I finally found and purchased my unicorn LV Essential Trunk in monogram on eBay by a very reputable seller (1300+ positive reviews and sells many other LV & Chanel items). It looked great to me but unless I purchase from an LV store, I get items authenticated for my own peace of mind. I tried to get it authenticated on here but was told because it is so new they were unable to authenticate it so I googled a paid service and ****************** was the service I went through. ****************** was quick and friendly but unfortunately deemed the Essential Trunk I bought as not authentic. I contacted the seller on eBay and she kindly provided me with the original VIC receipt. She said that it was a VIC gift (for people who spent a lot at LV in 2018).
    I then contacted ****************** and they stand by their opinion that it is not authentic. My question is, what should I do? Contact a different authentication service? I need advice! What authentication service do you recommend?

    IMG_0592.PNG IMG_0593.jpg IMG_0595.jpg IMG_0596.jpg IMG_0614.jpg
  2. Well, I would pursue a refund, it probably is a very good replica but not authentic. Even just based on the grammar and misspellings in these messages I would not trust this seller. I'm sure you paid a lot for it, it's not worth the doubt.
  3. This is probably more of a question for the eBay forum. Not saying this receipt is fake but receipts can be fake...seems like an expensive client gift. I’ve gotten a pochette jour and scarf as a gift from the store. Can you try another authenticating service for another opinion? For some reason who you used does not show up so I’m not sure who you used...
  4. You are correct about the doubt. Ugh! It’s so hard. I contacted a different authentication company for a second opinion.
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  5. What does the interior of you essential trunk have as a design?
  6. Thanks for your advice. I contacted another company (memestreasures) and they said it’s authentic. I’m not sure how (*****************) has a solid yet different option. I’m very confused! I want to value these authentication companies yet I’m torn because of such different opinions.
  7. 7FECDCE9-1436-4CA4-8C9F-477F2186AC22.jpeg

    It has a smooth interior, not the netting design seen on photos of the LV website.
  8. I thought reading here there was a version of essential trunk that did not have the design in the interior...
  9. AD2B18C6-B92D-40A6-8FE0-66B0D344F0FA.png

    This is a snapshot of the Essential Trunk from the LV website.
  10. Also, TPF keeps automatically putting stars in place of the name of the authentication website. I’m not bad mouthing them or any company on here. I paid for their services and respect their opinion. I’m just trying to determine whose opinion is correct.
  11. I have this piece, mine has the design inside ...did you ask the authenticator about the interior difference?
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  12. I remember this too!
  13. The member posted in the forum the initial version did not have the design inside which she verified with her sales associate. I don’t know if this is true or not......
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  14. I purchased an Essential Trunk from a LV store and it did not have the netting. They sent it to my home and I asked my SA about the netting. I searched everywhere for an answer on the forums but didn’t get anywhere. My SA sent emails to corporate but didn’t get an answer so I just ended up returning it because I knew it would be hard to sell later on if I wanted to. It is possible that it is authentic but there will always be a “what if” for me. I hope you figure something out! It is a super cute piece.
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  15. I asked and am currently waiting for a reply on that question.