Essential pieces for a true purse collection

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  1. Are there essential pieces that one should have if they are truly collecting handbags? If so, what in your opinion are they?
  2. No such a thing as essentials as everyone are just different... from taste to lifestyles.
  3. For me personally, a chanel classic flap, a LV speedy, a balenciaga city, and a gucci horsebit chain hobo and bouvier or Jackie O hobo.
  4. ^^

    add spy bag, balenciaga work and black prada too
  5. :tup:
  6. I think this is just really personal, if everyone's collections were the same, we wouldn't need the Bag Showcase thread! I do think it's nice to have a wide variety of styles/colors/brands, but others prefer to just collect many styles in one brand.

    I don't think there's anything you must have in your collection, because not everyone's going to like everything. For me, I would never buy a spy bag, that's just not my taste, and I wouldn't want someone telling me my purse collection was incomplete without it.
  7. I agree that "key pieces" are extremely subjective as it relates to specific bags or designers.
  8. IMO, the idea that you must have certain bags, I assume you mean certain brands as well, doesn't really appeal to me, as it smacks of being brand conscious and following popular consensus of IT bags and all.

    I learned this the expensive way, when I was much younger, I bought quite a few LV bags as this was THE brand to carry where I'm at, but now they're just sitting in my wardrobe. After collecting bags for a while, I realise I have a strong fetish for bags with great slouchy soft leather, which I use all the time instead. Now I buy bags with great leather texture across brands/price ranges. :tup: those bags now make up my essential collection.

    To answer your question , certain handbags which may be collectible may be Hermes Birkin and Chanel 2.55 which are deemed timeless/classic, but you would need to maintain them in great condition. :smile: