Essential photos for authentication purposes?

  1. If you were looking at photos in an eBay auction, what would you want to see to prove the item is authentic? If you were taking photos for an eBay auction, what would you include to prove authenticity? My list so far includes:
    • Close up of buckles, pushlocks, or other hardware
    • Front, back, bottom, and profile shots
    • Possibly corners, to show degree of wear or lack of wear
    • Profile of zipper
    • Interior
    • Topstitching
    • MJ tag and Made in Italy tag (if there is one)
    • Undersides of zippers
    • Dustbag, tags, and the MJ card that talks about variations in leather
    Can anyone think of anything else?
  2. It really depends on the bag... like some bags get the stitching the wrong color, or some bags don't have the right drop on the handle... some bags don't have certain buckle straps long enough (like the center buckle strap on the Venetia)..

    I'd just want to see every inch of the bag in the photos if at all possible.
  3. tln your list is comprehensive, that is what I ask for everytime as well as when they bought the bag
  4. I always like to see the serial tag inside the interior pocket.
  5. "I always like to see the serial tag inside the interior pocket."
    Thithi - Where is the serial number?

    I have a large multi pocket bag and I don't see it in the interior pocket? Where should I look? I need to know for authentication purposes too. I have the dustbag, tags still attached, and the MJ card that talks about variations in leather. I also have a partial receipt from Bloomies's ( they shipped my order separately) but I can't find a serial number.
  6. They're not found in the soft calf classic collection. I usually see them in bags after and including fall 2005. This includes the quilted collection, such as the Stams, the Mias, and Ursulas. My Polina and Carmen both have them.
  7. ^^^^^^^^^
    Thank you.
  8. The serial tags are also found in the Selmas.
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