Essential Oils for Animals

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  1. Does anyone use oils on their animals? I have used lavender occasionally on the backs of ears for dogs that are nervous. It helps for a little bit but not for long it seems. I have also used melalucea to clean the inside of my dog's ears.

    I will be pet sitting for a pup over the 4th who is scared of thunder, but also appears to hate lavender. There are two diffusers in his house so I was thinking of maybe chamomile or doTerra's Serenity blend. Any other suggestions?
  2. Hi buzzytoes,
    I use doTerra's deep blue soothing, and joyful blend. The deep blue soothing really helped with anxiety when my dog was having severe pain. The deep blue was the best and settled her more than the pain medications. I actually ended up putting a few drops on the back of her neck fur and that seemed to work the best in conjunction with the medications. There was a noticeable difference within 15 minutes and she'd finally lay down. The thunderShirt helped with storm (noise) anxiety as well. You're so thoughtful thinking ahead. Good luck!
  3. I have some deep blue here at home so maybe I will try that. Thanks!
  4. I've used Scaredy Cat by Spirit Essences and it's worked very well for Lady's anxiety
  5. Dang I wish I had those for the devil cat!
  6. haha! next time!!!
    it's funny I used this stuff by spraying it on her hairbrush and now she's the boss in the house, Tuck tries to fight with her and she ends it with a swat! and she no longer is scared and jumpy if I change something in the house. She just walks up, sniffs it and and doesn't care. I don't know what essential oils are in Spirit Essences but this one works for my little weirdo :nuts:
  7. So I tried the Deep Blue yesterday and he at least did not run from the room like he does with lavender. He fell asleep actually but I am not sure if that was just his normal nap time or what.
  8. I wish these were available in the UK.
  9. I'm so glad he rested and allowed you to apply the oils. That's very good news, I hope it is the deep blue (fingers crossed). I found my girl rested soon after application of the deep blue. It was quite the relief after a few sleepless nights.
  10. you know i'll ship to you. ;)

    i should get some more for mr. jax.. sigh.
  11. Ooh thank you! I'll email you {{{hugs}}}
  12. I can't speak for everyone but I am pretty sure you would have a plethora of people that would be willing to ship to you. ;)
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  13. How'd the rest of the holiday go dog sitting? Any new techniques to report?
  14. Singing along loudly to the music is the best I've got. :biggrin: When I got there he was already panting from the stress, so I restocked the diffusers with the Comfort blend from doTerra. He didn't seem distracted by the calming music (I don't think it covered the sounds well enough) so I put on my regular music, turned it up and sang along. He did stop panting after about 15 minutes so it helped some, and I left the music playing in hopes of covering the neighbors fireworks. The next morning he was all smiles again.
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  15. Yes, but I also took a class specifically geared towards use for animals offered by a directer of the NAHA, and plan to continue through the other courses here soon. There is a LOT of bad recommendations regarding EOs and pets out there.

    The NAHA directer that offers the classes, Kelly Holland Azarro, also has a facebook group where she will answer questions and offers some free materials from her classes in the files section: Animal Aromatherapy (Safe Use)

    (Personally though, I prefer the use of herbs & hydrosols with animals over EOs).