Essential Closet Staples - what is yours?

  1. I Always Make sure that I have:

    Black,Blue and Brown Cashmere polo necks.

    Plenty of plain white T shirts.


    Black stockings.

    Black Slacks and Jacket.

    Black and Brown knee high Boots.

    What are your closet basics ?
  2. Jeans.. I luv 'em!
    Black T-shirts.
    Black pumps.
    A great handbag, and I'm good to go!
  3. white v-neck tees...i love those.
    jeans...i'm a jean freak.
    black pants...slimming, flattering, and a staple in the work environment.
    white button-up...classic--goes with everything.
  4. black stockings
    black skirt
    black pumps
    black flats
    as many cashmere turtlenecks in as many colors as i can possibly afford.
  5. Jeans (I live in them 90% of the time)
    Basic tees and tanks
    Black pant suit
    Classic dress shirt
    Pair of classic pumps
    Sunglasses that look great on me
    Great bag(s):lol:
  6. a great fitting pair of jeans
    basic tees/singlets
    a well tailored suit- which includes a well tailored shirt, & a skirt too
    black heels
    a little black dress
    a winter coat
    a pair of trainers/sneakers
    a pair of good flat shoes
    flip flops/jandals
    a hoodie
    and a pair of sunnies
    and not to forget... an awesome bag!:love:
  7. jeans, jeans, jeans, jeans.

    and bags, bags, bags.
  8. My thoughts exactly ! :lol:
  9. Two pairs of jeans - one dressy, one casual
    Black pants
    Tan/camel pants
    White pants
    Black skirt
    Dickies work pants (so comfortable!)
    Solid turtleneck sweaters
    Solid tees and tanks for layering
    Black pantsuit
    Strappy black sandals
    Plain black heels
    Flip flops!
    Running shoes
  10. - an above-the-knee casual jean skirt (my answer to regular jeans - i hate them!)
    - a white linen skirt for summer
    - a ton of ralph lauren polos in as many colors as possible
    - cable knit sweaters for winter
    - old navy extra-long 'wife-beater' tank tops (they go under everything)
    - j crew flip flops
    - big, colorful earrings
    - my 1984 Peachtree Road Race t-shirt

    if i could live my entire life only in those things, i would be the happiest person on the planet.

    edit: it has occurred to me that i basically DO live my entire life in those things, so i AM the happiest person on the planet.
  11. All I really NEED would be: underwear, my black northface, a zip up hoodie, long sleeve tee or a tank to go under, jeans, and uggs and I'm all set, at least during the colder months here.
  12. Lots of jeans and cute jackets to go with it. And ofcourse hot bags!!
  13. My list would be...
    V-neck sweaters in whites, blacks, and biege(sp?) (Gosh, it's so cold here hehe)
    Peacoat (I die withput one lol)
    Black and navy slacks
    Floor lenght black skirt
    Heels in black, brown, and navy.
    Sandals in black and white.
    Flip flops (need em for my pedis)
    BAGS! lol
    Several Jeans
    Tanks in asorted colors (If I could, I would live in these)
    White tees
    Sweats/Yoga Pants
    I feel like my list is so long and I am not really a clothes person. lol
  14. Gray cashmere sweater (black looks terrible on me)
    Seven jeans
    One pair of great gold d'orsay heels to wear with jeans and dresses
    One little black dress
    One white eyelet dress
    Ralph Lauren polos in every color (I have 32!!)
    Pearl and diamond stud earrings
    Denim miniskirt
    Rainbow flip flops
    One great I-Can-Conquer-the-World-(or at least the corporate ladder) suit
  15. grrrr i'm jealous of your polos! i have about a dozen... :sad:

    and i agree about the gray sweater, gray is much more versatile - i love my ralph lauren cashmere cable knit, it's so soft!