Essence Gel @ Home

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  1. Gel@Home is one of those systems expecially designed for over your regular topcoat (or to sandwich).

    For those amoung us that want to try gel but aren't quite ready for it, I only have to say one thing.

    Save your money if you see the Essence Gel @ Home system. The lamp is the only good thing about it.

    Both the basecoat and the topcoat are terrible shrinkers. I tossed out the basecoat as soon as I noticed it. The topcoat however is a story on it's own. Doesn't matter if you wait 10 minutes or 20hours, the first layer will shrink to an island in the sea. This can be fixed with a second (and often even third) layer but it's just not worth the time/money.
  2. I've seen some people with okay results though ... i think it is one of those systems that really only work well on some people depending on the nail chemistry? i've been interested in that basecoat though ... peel off gel manicure? yes please ... but on the other hand, maybe it won't stay on for very long, i would like at least 7 days of wear
  3. Pictures?