Essay: My very vain rejection of my Coach bag (No judgement please...)

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  1. I own a few Coach bags and to be honest, they've stood the test of time. They've been through rain, snow, the sandbox, you name it...and they still look/feel really good. The leather is so soft. However, what turns me off is that every other woman I see has one. I know I'll get crucified for saying this, but they're sooooooo accessible. A very nice woman who works at my favorite grocery store saw mine, liked it and got her husband to buy her the exact same bag in the exact same color. (Yes, it's a free country...but still...Coach is a huge brand...Of all of the styles, she picked my exact bag in my exact color and she mentions it whenever she sees me.)

    I was in line at McDonald's a few weeks ago and there were three other ladies in line with Coach bags...One lady had one that was similar to mine, and the other two had other styles. Then, I looked down at mine...And I looked back at them with theirs. We were all moms...So, after that, I couldn't help but think of Coach as "mom" bags. :sad: :lol: I changed it when I got home. :lol:

    I went into the closet about an hour ago, looked up on the shelf and there it was in it's sleeper: the rejected Coach. I started to remember all of the good times, the feel of the soft leather...The pocket that was perfect for Chuck E. Cheese tokens...The extra $10.00 I found in the cellphone pocket...I was about to reach up and make the switch when suddenly...

    My daughter called me and I instantly had a "mom bag" flashback.:sad2: I choked...I just couldn't make the switch. My Aaneta bag (the bag I'm currently carrying) helps me to stay in denial...I don't feel like mom with oatmeal in her hair when I carry it...I feel like the artist who can do 150 stomach crunches, kick a$$ in Spin class and oh, yeah...she's a wife and a mom, too...and look at her seen that one before..."

    But the Coach just sits there waiting patiently...Looking down on me and my vain rejection of it. *SIGH* The bag can see right through me. But the bag is forgiving...:suspiciou just like a mom.
  2. Hahah.. that is too cute, you're adorable ! ;)

    Coach is pretty popular, and you're bound to see it everywhere.. but don't worry, when you're ready to put down your ass kicking skills, it'll still be there waiting for you (patiently, not judging in any way ! :biggrin:).
  3. This was very cute. Sad, but cute. I feel for your poor, rejected Coach bag, alone and lonely in its sleeper bag on your closet shelf. :lol:
  4. What a great essay and a tribute to all of the bags that wait patiently for us to "rediscover" them some day. :biggrin:
  5. somehow it reminded me of toy story and the rejected toys :huh: :sad: :worried: :cry:
  6. Wow, your Coach really held up. I had two Coach bags, both resting peacefully in my closet, that look crappy after barely a month of use. Yes, they were real. If it really bothers you, I say sell them and buy more unique bags.
  7. That's such a cute story! I know it bothers me sometimes when I see about 20 Coach bags at the mall in one day too...
  8. I don't think it is vain to sometimes want to be an ass-kicking artist who does crunches-this comes from a mother of 4 with a Coach bag that she has foresaken to the closet, as well, mind you. You don't have to be the practical mom all the time. As for me, sometimes I get sick of doing what I have to do all the time. Handbags, as well as wardrobe, allow me to be a bit sassy when I do it. They make me feel unique, instead of every other mom in line at McDonalds, if you know what I mean.
  9. I know exactly what you mean. Thank you so feels great to know that someone totally relates. *HUG*

    And thanks to all of you ladies for the kind, nonjudgmental words!;)
  10. I love it!! What a cute essay! Don't feel bad about it. Think of them as the "little engines that could...well at least for awhile." Once you start carrying another bag for awhile and let's say after a month, you STILL don't feel guilty about not using your Coach, then it wasn't true love, more or less for function.
  11. Sometimes it is nice to know that you are not the only one who feels like that, doesn't it? :idea:
  12. Very sad! I think that logo'd Coach things are really popular. I have the pleated hobo, and to this day, I haven't seen anyone else carry it (and I live in the DC Metro area, and take the Metro everyday and see tons of Coach bags), so I don't feel quite the same way. Just watch, I'll see three people carry my bag on Monday :weird: .
  13. Definitely!
  14. They're probably ordering your bag as I type this message!:lol:
  15. Wow, this makes me feel bad for all my non-designer handbags that havent been touched in almost a year.