EsquireMagazine - Sexiest Woman Alive. Who is She?

  1. Can you recognize the person in the picture (2006’s Sexiest Woman Alive, to be unveiled in 11/06)? Who do you think she is?
    Scarlett Johansson?
    Who has inspired a song? (one of the 20 questions)

    Who Is She?
    [A mystery in six parts]

    Part 1: Breakfast

    You will not find the Sexiest Woman Alive at a photo shoot for a lingerie catalog. Or on the cover of a laddie magazine. Or at an adoption center in Somalia. You will find her in a trailer park. More specifically, you’ll find her in an aluminum double-wide in Sun Valley, California, her head stuck in the fridge, a half-guzzled Bud tallboy on the linoleum floor beside her. At least today you will. Perhaps the Sexiest Woman Alive has fallen on hard times. Contractually, we can’t say. Another possibility: The Sexiest Woman Alive asked—no, politely demanded—to be photographed as a trailer babe in permy blond curls. And you don’t argue with the Sexiest Woman Alive. But you didn’t hear that from us.

    In past years, the SWA mantle has been worn proudly and nobly by Angelina Jolie and Jessica Biel. They have served America well. But it’s the summer of a new year, and it has fallen upon the editors of Esquire to choose a worthy successor. However, there’s a catch: We cannot reveal the identity 2006’s Sexiest Woman Alive. The unveiling, as required by unalterable tradition, is scheduled for November.

    Instead, we will present one alluring and delightfully enigmatic photo each month for the next five months. Until then, wild and irresponsible speculation about her identity is encouraged at

    And to fuel the conjecturing, we will ask twenty questions our mystery woman each month. The first installment of that exchange is below. You can trust all of her answers. But perhaps not all that you see.

    Twenty Questions For the Sexiest Woman Alive

    Are you animal, vegetable, or mineral?
    Mostly mineral.

    Are you an athlete?
    Yes. If you consider sleeping eleven hours athletic.

    Are you a business leader?
    I’d like to think so.

    Are you a religious figure?
    No. Absolutely not.

    Are you a vegetarian?

    Do you have a tattoo?
    No. Not yet.

    Do you have any piercings?

    Have you ever been married to Tommy Lee?
    No. I’m missing two important things, as you can see

    Do you have an accent?
    We all have accents.

    Do you prefer John Lennon or Paul McCartney?
    I’m a George Harrison kind of girl.

    Have you inspired a song?

    Do you have a blog?

    Were you born before the end of the Vietnam War?

    Have you ever appeared on a WB show?
    No, thankfully not.

    Are you into Kabbalah?

    Next Month: Part 2: Ablutions
  2. Christina Aguilera?

  3. lol Those shoes made me think Jessica Simpson.
  4. Hmm- I can't see the pic - but its not Christina Aguilera - she has multiple tattoos.
  5. The hairdo reminds me of Britney Murphy, although I don't think she has a song, does she?
  6. Sorry Esquire, not falling for this gimmick. I doubt it will be the sexiest woman alive. Just the most popular...
  7. Could it be Jessica Alba? She can't really be blond as she said shes missing two thrings from Pam Anderson. I guess that would be boobs and blond hair (or hepititus!). Shes too witty to be jessica Simpson and in the photo too curvy to be Kate Moss (plus after the scandal I don't think so). Maybe Eva Longaria?
  8. Too pale to be Eva plus this woman seems curvier. Scarlett?? well she has boobs..not her then
  9. i think it could be scarlett but that would be to easy rite?
  10. i thought it might be jenny macarthy, but she's not on the list and not curvy enough anyway. so i say jessica simpson...she can be witty if she wants.
  11. but Jessica has boobs though! it can't be her?:hrmm: I'm trying to think of someone who is hot right now...umm, I need more clues!:Push:
  12. Really too tough to tell with this, her answers to the questions are crazy and they could have changed her look to keep you guessing...we must wait a bit
  13. hmm.. maybe Rebecca Romijn..??
  14. shakira?
    Jennifer love-hewitt?
  15. haha. lets wait for the next clue. ;)