ESPRESSO wristlet..more black or plum?

  1. :Push: I'm craving one of those wristlets.. but the suede one.. is it black or plum? I know the name suggests the connotation of black/brown but it looks like it has deep purple undertones online?
  2. It's dark brown! Pretty Chocolate bar-ish to me
  3. ^^Thanks sprinkles!! I am really craving something plum, to the point where I think I'm imagining the things I want in plum LOL.
  4. if you zoom in on the picture i SWEAR it looks like the stitching is plum colored.. i thought the same thing and had to look at it 32093 times, but i'm still confused!!
  5. the beading has a plumish look if that helps any, maybe that's why the stitching looks like it?

    i haven't noticed that, but the color definitely is a creamy dark chocolate. *sigh* gorrrrrgeous.
  6. Nothing plum about it..saw it in person yesterday and it is absolutely chocolately gorgeous!!