Espresso Sienna

  1. Hello ladies,

    I'm new to Kooba, so please excuse me if this is a stupid question. Did Sienna come in Espresso or a dark brown color? I'm not talking about the flower embossed one. If it did come in that color, could you please post pictures or maybe links to where I can see one. I just cannot stop imagining Sienna in dark brown color :smile:.

  2. Kooba did make the Sienna in espresso. There have been a few flying around eBay lately. Perhaps one of the girls who bought, can come up with pics. It is a truly GORGEOUS color and fits the Sienna perfectly.
  3. Yes, it's a deep rich delicious colour. It's absolutely stunning. There are knockoffs of this colour though so beware.
  4. Yes, they did. I have one, though I don't have any pics of it. (I'll maybe try to take some and post this weekend.) It is fabulous, a wonderful, versatile color.
  5. I have one, just posted a picture with two other siennas in the pictures of your koobas thread. Lexie also has a beautiful one that she posted pictures of in another thread. When I get home from work, I'll post pictures or Lexie, if you see this first, post some of yours. Beautiful bag.
  6. Thank you for the responses.

    I would like to see more pics of your beauty if it's not much work for you. I've already checked the pictures thread but I love more eye candy. You have an amazing collection :tup:.

    The bag in the link you posted is amazing. Probably the seller decided to keep it after listing it.
  7. Be happy to do it. Will be taking photos of my java Olivia clutch and the God awful pewter Eden tonight to post for everyone.
  8. Ooh. I love the Olivia. I was thinking of getting that one in eggplant.
  9. I've never seen the Sienna in Espresso. I own a Frankie in pebbled Espresso though
  10. Lovekoobabags, is that pebbled espresso color called "teak"? What do you think of it?
  11. Here are pix of the smooth expresso sienna. Mine is an older version that has the brown canvas lining covered with white Kooba logos and the leather zipper pull. Lexie's is the newer version that has the ultrasuede lining and engraved brass zipper pull. I have seen the distressed, pebbled version and I believe the official color name is "teak".
    Front.jpg Side.jpg Top.jpg Upright.jpg Pocket.jpg
  12. Thanks nunnla. I think you're right about the teak. It does look like a distressed version of espresso.
  13. nunnla--gorgeous! Love the espresso!
  14. The Espresso ( which I have been spelling expresso for all this time...LOL) Guess I don't know my coffees! Is one gorgeous bag. Almost...almost....almost more gorgeous than the Smooth Black. Yes...I did say that. Same leather but just a gorgeous shade of brown that reflects a little in the light. I don't have any pics handy. My Sister saw that bag and grabbed it up for a "borrow". I hope to get it back soon.