Espresso or Regular coffee??


Espresso or coffee?

  1. Espresso

  2. Regular coffee

  3. I don't like either

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  1. Which do you like better? I prefer espresso because it wakes me up faster in the morning.
  2. Definitely espresso, I like a dark roasted, strong coffee. :o)
  3. I voted coffee, but I'll take both puh-lease.

    I'm a caffine addict. :smile:
  4. i like espresso - i think i might go and get one actually!
  5. I've always heard that espresso has less caffeine than regular coffee. But I like the taste!
  6. A shot or two of espresso not only picks me up but knocks out my bad head ache if I have one. :biggrin:
  7. Regular, espresso makes my heart go "boombiddy-boom-biddy-bump"!:worried: :lol:

    I have mine with goat's milk (an acquired taste prob'ly LOL!) and out of a cafetiere, in my Oscar Wilde quote mug ("Only dull people are brilliant at breakfast") a little taste of heaven every morning...:love:

  8. Love the flavor of espresso!
  9. I dont drink Caffine,
  10. Triple shot espresso :biggrin:
  11. Coffee. But I prefer Chai
  12. It's a "Yes please!" answer for me :biggrin: I'll take whatever is available (mega caffeine junky)
  13. ^ I'm a Chai tea drinker, not a coffee drinker! Hence I was the "I don't like either"
  14. i only drink iced coffee sometimes in the summer and i can't take espresso it is just too strong for me! i'm more of a tea gal myself :smile:
  15. MM I Love the triple nonfat vanilla lattes at coffee bean and tea leaf - I can't wait to get one hahaha