Espresso Love??

  1. i purchased my first LP!!! it is the dylan medium tote in espresso. not sure why the espresso is not getting much love, but i love it! :biggrin: any others out there on board with me?!
  2. kate, so glad you are loving your new bag! There is another TPFr here that loves her espresso, I hope she chimes in! :smile:

  3. I have a wallet in espresso w/gold, I love it. I think it's a great brown color. I love my teak, too. Just love the LP brown's.
  4. Oh you have the teak! I'm so envious! I missed out on this color first time around. :girlsigh:

  5. i really love the espresso color ... i think it's a perfect brown! glad you've found a bag to love .... ;)
  6. I have seen the espresso w/gold and it is definitely not the same color as the espresso w/gunmetal. I really like the espresso w/gold but feel no "love" for the other. Now teak on the other hand...:drool:

    kateykix - Enjoy your Dylan tote. It is a great bag, regardless of color.
  7. i can't wait to take her out for a spin. i've sprayed her down with three coats of wilson's TLC so she's ready to go! i was really debating between the olive and the espresso, but asteralice had a great deal on the espresso so that's what gave me the push to get it. glad i did, but that doesn't mean i won't be hunting down an olive one in the future! :smile: i have to see this teak IRL that everyone is raving about. sounds yummy!
  8. Here's a store stock pic of the teak..:love:


    I emailed Linea Pelle and asked them if they'd have another color like this in the future, a nice medium walnut type brown. They said they would in the spring and it would be called suntan. I can only pray it will have gold hardware!

  9. I love that looks like the perfect brown!
  10. Ohhhh.... I'm counting down the days 'til the spring lines comes out. I'm all about that suntan!! But keeping my fingers crossed that it has gold hardware...
  11. I asked and it will be brass! :yahoo: Time to start saving my pennies! :smile:

  12. YES!!! I'm going to start saving, too. Nothing worked for me in the fall line because of the dark hardware.
  13. I love the Espresso color too. I love the dark brown shade with no red undertones. :tender:
    But it's too bad LP only produced the bags with Gunmetal HW. I'd prefer Gold-tone HW with the dark brown.
  14. This is great news! I'm with you, Linda, about start saving for this beauty! ;)
  15. *o-lux* ... i am the same way .... i love my browns w/o any red ...

    so can anyone compare teak to tobacco?