Espidrille wedge questions~~Please help!

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  1. Hi all! I just ordered some espidrille wedge sandals. I would love to wear them this Spring w/ dark denim jeans and pants. I am concerned about color transfer onto the sisal/jute wedge part of the shoe.

    Has anyone worn these w/ dark denim? Any denim rub off problems? Or color transfer from a darker pant?

    If so, did you get the color off? How did you do it?

    Do you think Scotchgarding them is a good idea?

  2. hmmm... I just went and looked at my espadrilles and they've got no color transfer. I can't remember what kind of pants I've worn with them but I've worn them fairly frequently over two summers so I would guess at some point I've worn dark jeans!

    But it probably wouldn't hurt to spray them with something? I had a d'oh moment when I read your post and figured mine were probably covered in marks! but they weren't.
  3. thanks for the reply nauticalstar! i really appreciate it. i think i'm gonna spray them to be safe!
  4. I have several pairs of espadrilles and every single one has denim transfer on them; I've sprayed some of them but it wasn't effective. The jeans that cause the most color transfer are dark colored 7's and COH.
  5. I am an espadrille fanatic, and I have never had that happen. But come to think of it, I have never worn them with jeans, except for skinnies. So there has been no opportunity for color to transfer.

    I would think spraying the jute with proective spray would help.
  6. thanks girls! i can't believe i spelled espadrille wrong!!!! gah!
  7. I've had the color transfer also. I like espadrilles, but this is the reason I stay away from them.