Especially for Ronsdiva ( LV RAOK exchange )

  1. Dear Mary,
    I'm SO sorry that I didnt post the photos of your gifts to me in the LV RAOK holiday exchange. I'm apologising to you right now. *sorry* My daughter fall sick after the Christmas and I didnt have time to log on at all. High fever. I have not been online for some times too. I'm posting the photos here to show others what you've gotten for me at the exchange. I love them alot and THANK YOU so much. :smile: The lip gloss and nail polish are totally so me. Many thanks.


    P.S: See how excited my daughter is. :smile: She helps me out with the unwrapping of the gifts.
    tpf1.jpg tpf2.jpg tpf3.jpg tpf4.jpg tpf5.jpg
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    And lastly, THANK YOU and SORRY!
    tpf6.jpg tpf7.jpg tpf8.jpg tpf9.jpg
  3. Aww, how cut is everything!! I am glad everything is better now!
  4. congrats !! everything is so cute. Im sorry to hear about your daughter I hope she is feeling better :flowers:
  5. Your DD is so cute :heart: Please hug her as much as you can, kids grow up too fast :girlsigh: And you sure are lucky to have such generous buddy :nuts:
  6. Nice gifts! I love that bourjois set
  7. Congrats! I hope your daughter is feeling better...
  8. Nice!! Glad your daughter is doing better. I know how hard it is to get anything done when you have a sick little one.
  9. Wow, what cute gifts!
  10. Your daughter is too cute. Beautiful gifts!
  11. how cute :smile:
  12. beautiful gifts!
    i'm glad your daughter is ok now. she's sooo adorable!
  13. Your daughter is so Cute! I bet she wanted to wear your lipgloss.
  14. cute gifts and I agree with the other tPFer, your princess is adorable, I hope she is feeling better.

    On a side on, does anyone knows when will there be another LV RAOK? TIA.
  15. It will be in March.. the RAOK. :smile: Hmm, though I'm interested to get one for valentine.. ;/ *bumping for Mary. :smile: