1. What do you wear them with? I think they're so cute but I would have no idea what to wear them with!
  2. LOTS!
    Skirts, capris, shorts . . .
    which kind though?
    Wedge, ribbon lace-up?
  3. jeans
    crop pants
    long crinkle skirts
  4. I want to buy some of the ribbon-y ones to wear with my summer skirts. I'm not sure which ones I'll choose though -- almost every designer is marketing them for spring/summer. I even saw a version in Aldo, when I was in there yesterday.
  5. theres lots of colours etc... basically i agree you can wear them with anything!
  6. I personally love Espadrilles.

    Nothing tight, unless its jeans rolled up !!!

    Prairie skirts, culottes, dresses (long or mid calve)
  7. :nuts: !!

    But agree with everyone, they basically go with everything except dressier clothes.
  8. Yes. Wedge & ribbon lace-up! :nuts:

    Thanks guys! I live in California and I've never seen anyone where them...but maybe it's because of this horribly rain lately. I can't wait til the sun comes back and I can get a pair of my own!