Esiders' Bags

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  1. Jimmy Choo Ophelia


    Silverado with my Frye boots

    more to come
  2. Nice pictures, I like the Darel!

    I fixed your images, too.
  3. Nice , i really like the darel
  4. Nice! Can I ask what color the silverado is?
  5. Wow, love the silverado ! :nuts:
  6. Loving your silverado and the boots!!!
  7. Boots are adorable!! Where'd you get them (I know this is about bags but those boots have lured me in!!)
  8. sweet!! we have the same taste in bags i think :biggrin:
  9. Tell me about the Choo. I was tempted by one but then backed out. They look pretty structured to me but then I've seen them get slouchy with use. Structured slouchy usually looks messy. What has your experience been? Does it matter which leather you get?
  10. I have a Choo in the same kind of leather as her Ophelia and it hasn't gotten much softer than when I first got it 2 years ago. It may have lost a bit of it's structure when my baby sis SAT on it though :sad:
  11. Ditto!:love: :love: :love:
  12. I love the Choo and the Chloe bags! I've been wanting something in that color forever (but have been really picky about it).

    Megs - You can find the Frye boots at Bloomies, Nordstroms, Saks...almost anywhere if you do a google search. I think that they are called the Campus boot, and retail for around $250. I love them, but don't think I can pull of the boots look.
  13. Thanks everyone!

    USCgerl: I believe the color of the Silverado is tan and is from the A/W 2005 collection. When I first got it, it was more of an orange-y color. But over time I guess the oils on my hand (and wear and tear) have caused it to darken.

    MEGS: I bought the Frye campus boots from about a year ago. Then they were retailing at about $200 (+ free shipping) I think they cost more.

    ISSMOM: I really like the Choo bag although I haven't carried it much lately. Once I get a new bag, it becomes my current fave and I toss the others aside (temporarily of course). That particular bag is very has a divider inside which makes it seems like you have less room than you should a bag that size. Plus I carry ALOT of I would have prefered that the inside be a cavernous space with just an interior side pocket, instead of having the divider inside. The leather is nice...durable, but not soft like a Silverado or Balenciaga. Like Noriko's tough cat could probably sit on the bag and it would remain upright.
  14. A/W 2005 Balenciaga Office Bag

    scarlett Luella Bartley Gisele (medium) from Spring 2004

    LV Damier Marais bucket bag from 2000

    "vintage" Gucci bag (circa 1985)

    Gucci bag from A/W Fall 2004

    Gucci doctor bag (season and year unknown)

    Gucci Spring 2003

    vintage bag from 1940s

    Gucci (bought in Mexico City in 1988)

    vintage clutch with garnets and seed pearls
  15. The silverado is gorgeous, and I love the damier bucket :love: