Esecure and EsecureCheckout - Fraud!

  1. Do NOT bid on any auctions that say they use this checkout service in their listings. The items are counterfeit and the checkout service is NOT approved by eBay and is probably run by the same bunch of crooks who were running the MyBabyPet scams.

    The photos are stolen, they shill bid each other's listings and leave fake feedback for each other, and their "checkout service" will probably steal your credit card information and possibly even install a Trojan on your computer. Their listings are showing up under Coach but they might branch out to other manufacturers.

    The company has almost no information available through Google, and their webpage also contains NO information - there isn't even any contact info other than an email addy - no location, no phone #, nothing.
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  4. WOW! thats scary thanks for the heads up.
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  6. More information - they ARE the same group as the MyBabyPet scammers, and will probably be listing under these brands very soon if they're not there already:
    Balenciaga, Chanel, Chloe, Coach, Dior, Fendi, Gucci, Hermes, Juicy Couture, Prada, Tod's, and Tiffany & Co.

    If you see any "too good to be true" listings mentioning Esecure or EsecureCheckout OR using the @ symbol plus the manufacturer name in the Description section of the listing where the brand, color, condition, etc is listed, DO NOT BID. They would be something like
    "lovely @coach
    gorgeous @chanel
    fabulous @tiffany"

    Please keep a close watch for these listings.
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  9. i feel ill... when will the scammers stop???
  10. thank you so much for the heads up!!
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  12. This thread is from 2007. Is it still an issue?
  13. It seems to be a different company. The original domain name "esecurecheckout" was apparently abandoned and available for sale in June of 2010 and was probably picked up by the company currently located in Tennessee. From what I remember, the original "esecure" domain used in the MyBabyPet scam was traced to China by someone on one of the eBay boards.