Escrow scam

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  1. eeww i hate scammers!
  2. I will post all the details from this... I just received some email and asked me accept payment from this link. Of course NO NO, but I have ID and email adress. I will post tonite, when I'm back home from work. This is a 6th week for crazy work. I will release from this crazy hour tomorrow!
  3. YAY.. you will be back amongst us and we will be happy to have you. Have missed you Pink!!
  4. You're so nice to me.....I know you just find some new paddy to add right??? LOL
  5. Hi,

    I will give you $2,200 and I will pay the shipping . Because of the high amount of money i will prefer using an escrow service. I will cover the fees of the escrow.
    The escrow company i want to use is ,please read their terms and condition and if you are agree with them please register and let me know the email address you use for registration in order for me to initiate the transaction.
    You don't need to insure the bag because I will insure the bag to the escrow company at the real value of $2,200 so you don't need to insure the bag anymore.

    Best regards,

    I am so sorry, I can not ship to Spain. I just checked with Paypal, Paypal told me "if something happened, Paypal won't protect me at all as I would take all the risk if something not lucky happend to me or to the package." So I am sorry again for this. I CAN NOT SHIP TO SPAIN. Tks for consider all my bag. Good luck

    This is a email from this buyer, whe I told her I can not ship to Spain due to paypal....if anyone need her ID, please let me know
  6. Yep, you kmow me too well! I bought a metallic anthracite paddy while you've been off working! Should be here Tues.
    But I do luv ya!:heart: And did miss ya!
  7. Scammers really suck!
  8. In this case, the scammers own the escrow company so you never get the money released.
  9. I had someone from Spain message me too about an escrow account. I told them that I would only deal with the escrow account via *bay. Never heard from them ever again. (and I posted their question to my auction - for all to see)
    BTW- So tired of all of these scammers. Thank Goodness for tPF!!!!