Escrow, please help!

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  1. Does anyone have any knowledge of using this method of paying? Do I need to set up an account? (I'm the receiver of the money) What are the fees like? Help!
  2. Is still around? I heard it's no longer in biz? I tried to register a while back but kept getting the "you have no access page". Strange.
  3. It no longer works about 2 weeks ago it stopped
  4. The buyer said he's setting up an escrow account through
    I really don't know anything about this. Is it safe for me, as the seller, to use this payment method?
  5. I'd do a lot of Googling about escrow scams and that name in particular before I sent any money. I know nothing of the website you mention but I have heard there are escrow scams out there.
  6. I just did a quick read thru ebay escrow & insurance discussion board, it seems that global-eltd has been mentioned there, and from what I've seen the outcome isnt good.

    Check out this link to the ebay board to read more:

    It seems that global-eltd is registered very recently, April 25th 2006, and is using registration from someone who is located in Nairobi, Kenya whilst the site claims that the company is based in Cincinnati, OH!!

    My gut feeling is STAY AWAY from this site!!
  7. Another link to ebay's discussion board to confirm the suspicion:

    Go direct to page 12 and scroll down, global-eltd is mentioned there. And the review is not good!

    Actually, to the OP, thank you for posting this in the 1st place, I know nothing about these fake escrows before, and thanks to you I am now reading more about it to better myself.
  8. I still see as working. You should ONLY use that service, not any others. There are a LOT of fraudulent escrow sites, often set up by YOUR buyer!

    Here's eBay's page on using only

    "If your trading partner insists that you use a specific escrow service and will not accept (or an eBay approved international escrow service for international transactions) as an alternative, please decline the transaction and report the seller or buyer to eBay"
  9. Sorry, tell him he's the buyer, you're the seller. You pick the escrow service. Tell him to go create an account with or cancel the transaction.
  10. I hope you dont go thru with, the name didnt even come up when I googled it, it's a red flag!

    ETA: is still operating, my bad. I kept getting the "no access page" coz do not have services to my country. bummer!