Escentric Molecule Perfume/miracal products

  1. I'm so excited about this i had to tell you all...
    It's this new perfume type product.

    it's unscented but chemically enhanced or something to create a pheremone like effect. When i first heard about it i was so skeptical and thought it was stupid. but i went to the shop and tried some on and honest to god people where actually stopping me in the street and asking what perfume i was wearing - even though its unscented- and others would sort of turn to take a second look when they passed.

    This stuff is honestly amazing and one of the best bits (apart from the compliments) is because its unscented you can wear your normal perfume which i LOVE because i cant live without my scent.

    has anyone else ever tried a product that got them the same reaction or they think is a wonder worker?
  2. i just realised i sound like an advert for the product hahha i promise it's not i just LOVE this stuff
  3. This sounds really interesting. I tried searching the web for it but the ones I found say that they are scented. With only 2 or 3 notes verses other fragrances which combine 100's. Which one did you get, Escentric 01 or Molecule 01 ?
  4. molecule 01 mainly because i still want to wear my normal perfume but it got rave reviews as well
  5. Thanks, I ordered a sample of each to try. :yahoo: