1. Hello All!

    I love the Hermes Escapade bag...a nice alternative to the Boilde...anyone have any sightings of this one around?? Any idea what they cost...would love to have this bag in Blue Jean!!

  2. I haven't seen one of those in ages.
  3. Any pics? I don't know what that bag looks like...never saw one...I don't think....
  4. A trusted seller on eBay, I think it was matelleessee or something like that had it in bright orange Ostrich, absolutely killer, I ALMOST went for it...I ended up buying a croc Chanel from her, couldn't justify both. Anyway, it was gorgeous, I love the H's on the bottom corners
  5. I don't actually have a photo..but have seen them now and again on ebay...was hoping someone here might have one stashed in their closet!
  6. Ooh - love these too - haven't seen one IRL, but the few I've seen on eBay have been gorgeous. :love:
  7. I haven't seen these in a long time, but User is right, seller matelasseee (something like that!) had an orange ostrich one on eBay for a while! I was tempted myself!